What gestures should be used to educate your dog?

The actions to educate your dog must be chosen with care. Educate yourself on the best ways to pet your dog to congratulate them, and avoid any violent or aggressive gestures that would scare the dog.

Also accustom children to gentleness in contact with animals. Their movements can sometimes be a little abrupt and cause reactions of incomprehension or aggressiveness on the part of the puppy. Of course, each member of the family has their own body language, but softness and firmness are essential.

What tone should you use to educate your dog?

It is better to take (if possible) a deep voice, as the dog is more attentive to it. Above all, avoid shouting. A dry and authoritative tone is enough. Even a reprimand should be given calmly (but firmly).

Start dog training early

It is important to handle the puppy from an early age, either during play or by brushing and cuddling. Ideally, all members of the family should take the time to cultivate pleasant moments of contact with the dog. This manipulation allows the puppy to gain confidence and to allow themselves to be treated or groomed  later. Learning to stroke and touch your dog, even though it may seem superfluous, is very important.

The education of a dog requires a certain knowledge and  self- control as well as a control of its means of communication. Losing your temper and getting angry with your dog can have dire consequences for your relationship, and undermine your pet’s trust in you. 

You have to be fair, and consistent: for example, you must not get carried away and yell at your dog and then blame yourself and hug them right after. Above all, it’s pointless and even counterproductive to reprimand a dog for “silliness” if you stumble upon the damage long afterward.

For example, you can say “no” firmly to your dog if you catch them peeing in the house, but you should definitely not yell at them if you come across a stain on the carpet more than a minute later. facts. The dog will not understand why you are scolding them, and this misunderstanding will do nothing to improve your relationship.

Choose positive methods to educate your dog

Educating your dog requires knowing exactly what gestures to use so as not to send the wrong message.

It has been shown that it is much more effective to educate your dog with positive methods than to teach him to be afraid of its owner or its mistress. The positive reinforcement is to congratulate the animal to progress and “good” behaviour through rewards, either verbal encouragement, hugs or treats. This methodology excludes gestures to hurt the animal or scare it.

It is best to position yourself as the leader of your dog, and not as the dominant figure. This distinction is important: in the first case, your dog trusts you, listens to you and has the conviction that you want its good and will know how to protect them from dangers. But by dominating them , by hitting them or shouting at them for example, it is fear that sets in. Your dog will be infinitely happier if you take the time to build trust in your relationship.

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