“Not very curious” dog breeds

Dog breeds that are not very curious and always distracted? There are hairy people who get bored easily in the family. Let’s find out together.

There are many dog ​​breeds in the world, each one perfect for all tastes and characters of furry lovers. Large or small in size, dogs make our days, if not our lives, more beautiful and they can be perfect pets. In the many furry diversities, we can find some quite disinterested in others and easy to boredom. Let’s find out, then, what are the little curious dog breeds.

Four-legged friends: irresistible and incurable lazy

Our loyal and sweet little dogs have so many wonderful qualities and characteristics. One of these is their being a bit lazy and late risers, difficult to involve in some more “lively” activities. In fact, all furry ones can be so distracted. Let’s read further on.

There is nothing wrong with saying this. Dog friends know how to be real lazy and, when they want, they know how to completely disinterested in what happens around them.

Some of the dog breeds like to spend most of their time napping in their kennel or on the sofa or resting in the most comfortable and quiet areas of the house.

There are hairy people who, even when they are in our company, seem to be absent and bored by what is proposed to them; no game or cuddle can conquer them, if not with a little insistence.

Without blaming him for it, there are little curious dogs who seek their master only when they feel like it or, simply, are not interested in always interacting with him or with the people who visit the house.

For some owners it can be difficult to make themselves heard and taken into consideration by their dog, whatever happens at home, especially when they have a nice temper and love to fill their days sunbathing or having fun with their games.

But what are these dog breeds that are difficult to involve and not very curious about others? Let’s see them together below.

Not very curious dog breeds: here are the widespread specimens

They are those little dogs that seem to be annoyed if you search for them too much during the day or if you want to involve them in something. They are furry who are not easy to turn on curiosity and who tend to be very lazy with everyone. Let’s get to know them better!

The little curious dog breeds are:

  • Yorkshire Terrier
  • Maltese
  • Pug
  • Chow Chow
  • Saint Bernard dog
  • Shih Tzu

Yorkshire Terrier

The first dog breed we talk about here is the Yorkshire Terrier. This cute little dog is very widespread and also very active, but can show little curiosity towards people.

The smart little Yorkshire Terrier loves being around his family but is not interested in the many activities that can be thought of for him. Short walks are enough to make him feel good and, in particular, he likes to dominate in his territory, therefore in his home. Even if he wants to be on his own, he needs his human.


The second canine specimen we face is the much appreciated Maltese. The little dog makes a perfect apartment companion and does not like much exercise.

The Maltese is also one of the less curious dog breeds, a characteristic also due to the fact that it must receive good socialization already as a puppy, since in adulthood it can be very cold and not very interested in people, especially strangers. Quite lazy, however, he knows how to get along with other furry ones, such as cats.


We find, in the list, the nice Carlino. This irresistible and beloved little dog is also a great flatmate, but dog has a peppery temper when you least expect it.

Friendly and family lover, the Carlino is much appreciated for his sympathy. Often, however, this little furry dog ​​can become a real lazy person and spend hours and hours alone, dozing and snorting quietly. Dog makes everyone laugh a lot with jokes and ambushes, but he too needs his quiet spaces, away from family chaos.

Chow Chow

The adorable Chow Chow is another canine specimen loved by everyone, especially the little ones. This big and soft furry friend loves to relax with family cuddles.

If there is one thing the Chow Chow is receiving endless cuddles and hugs from the humans who live with him. The breed loved for its thick coat and sweet face loves to relax anytime, anywhere, so it’s difficult to activate it and involve it in something other than naps or long stops in the garden, where it can rest in the fresh air and enjoy the sun. .

Saint Bernard dog

Another dog breed that is not very curious and that tends to get bored often is the Saint Bernard Dog, a puppy much loved by families. Let’s read more about him.

The gigantic Saint Bernard dog, perfect guardian, can also be a great lazy dog and can sleep for hours, without anyone being able to wake him up or involve him in games and activities. When this furry man decides he wants to rest and be alone, without noticing the movements of humans, it is difficult to succeed in the enterprise.

Shih Tzu

The last of the less curious dog breeds is the cute Shih Tzu. This breed is very popular and sought after, precisely because it requires little daily attention.

With a calm and friendly disposition, the small and cuddly Shih Tzu also has a courageous and stubborn personality. This dog, however, must be trained from an early age, in order to be able to get along well with everyone, young and old, at home. He can be lively and playful if he wants to, but he is wary and not very curious towards those he does not know.

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