Breeds compatible with Dalmatians

Friend of all or a few? What to know about the breeds compatible with the Dalmatian, starting from the description of his character.

Sometimes a dog can become famous for its aesthetic appearance but not for its sociable character: is this the case? To find out which breeds are compatible with the Dalmatian, it is essential to understand something more about his character and personality. It is true that each animal has its own personality but there are some common character sides that can characterize the races: let’s discover them together!

Dalmatian: sweet character but …

If we think of him, our mind inevitably refers us to the animated film ‘ The 101 Dalmatians ‘, in which dogs and humans team up against the terrible Cruella De Mon. But in real life is it like that? Is this breed really that sociable and peaceful in coexistence with humans and other animals?

Actually, yes: it is a very sweet specimen, tied to its master and his family, less so with the house, but this does not mean that it does not feel the need for its own independence. It may be due to its hunter nature (although modern specimens are more ‘studied’ as companion dogs), this breed could escape well beyond the confines of its home, as it is always driven by a strong curiosity.

As in the film, the Dalmatian is very attached to his social group since he was a puppy: he loves being in company and playing, but with his times and his ways. He does not like to feel pressure or constraints on himself, even in the playful moment: he must always feel in control of ‘controlling’ the game.

Breeds compatible with Dalmatians: who they get along with and why

The saying goes: ‘He who looks alike, takes himself’. This is probably also the case with dog breeds: those that get along have the same character sides (or are at least very similar). So let’s group them on the basis of those particularities that unite them.

In fact, very often a dog can get along well with a fellow dog not because they have the same size, but precisely because they have the same liveliness or the same desire to play or be outdoors. The reasons can be many and different: let’s see some of them!

Small, lively dog ​​breeds

Although so different in size and physical characteristics, there are dogs that get along well with Dalmatians only because they have in common the vivacity, energy and ability to give joy on every occasion.

This is the case of the continental dwarf Epagneul , a sweet little dog with a funny look (will it be thanks to the smooth and a bit rebellious hair?), Who loves being in company and always wants to play both with humans and with his fellows.

Let’s not forget the Russian Toy terrier which, like the first one, has a nice and lively look, although it is much calmer. When it comes to play, he will certainly not be caught unprepared, but when it comes to feeling comfortable at the feet of his master, he will be of excellent company.

Pet breeds

There are some dogs with which the Dalmatian shares the ‘desire to be with the family’. In fact, although he is endowed with great energy and vitality , typical of Hounds (not surprisingly he belongs to group 6 of the FCI classification ), he also wants to spend some quiet time.

Of course, however, first it is essential that all his needs are met, otherwise he could get bored and become annoying, especially by barking continuously. Who looks like him in this sense? The Poodle breed , in all its sizes and peculiarities: very sincere, affectionate and sociable, but do not let it get bored because it could become annoying to make you understand its needs.

Even the Border Collie can be a perfect playmate for him and a company for himself and for the owners: they love to be in company and share the days together, even at home, perhaps after a nice walk outdoors.

Breeds suitable for children

All dogs ‘friends of man’ are certainly very compatible with the Dalmatian: we are talking about the Golden Retriever and the Labrador Retriever . Both are very patient and sociable with young and old alike, but are above all ‘safe’ as a babysitter for children.

Concludes the list the Greyhound who, with its refinement and elegance, gets along with everyone. This does not mean, however, that he does not want to live or be in company.

We cannot forget the dogs that are good for everyone and that are certainly among the most chosen by both single adults and families with children. The list cannot miss the German Shepherd , who will become a faithful life partner thanks to his intelligence and maturity, and the Irish Setters , who will not only be excellent ‘guardians’ for the little ones of the house but also tireless playmates.

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