Japanese Spitz: dog breed appearance, character, training, care, health

The Spitz Japanese are characterized by being very affectionate and cheerful, they are family dogs, so their human will be the center of life. They are dogs of Japanese origin and a new breed, so although it has gained enormous popularity, it is not extremely well known. We are going to know everything about this beautiful dog.


According to the history of the Japanese Spitz breed, this dog was first seen in Japan around 400 BC and was brought to the country by marine traders who owned one of these canines.

There is a great controversy regarding the ancestry of this breed, because while there are people who claim that their ancestors are Spitz, others believe that they were part of the Samoyed.

If the latter is correct, then it could be said that the Japanese tried to create a Samoyed in the art of bonsai style.

What is currently proven is that this breed, the one we know today, was crossed with some other European Spitz.

In 1921, the Japanese Spitz was seen for the first time in an exhibition held in Tokyo, the Capital of Japan . It was in 1925 when the first pair of Japanese Spitz entered Canada, then they arrived in the United States, China and Australia.

The Japanese Kennel Club accepted this breed into its list in 1948. They were bred from the beginning as companion dogs, which is why they have such a loving and familiar personality.

Characteristics of the Japanese Spitz

This is a dog whose body is considered harmonious and with complete balance, in every sense of the word. We are talking about a small breed, which can measure between 30 and 38 centimeters, its weight usually does not exceed 10 kilograms .

It can be said that this breed has a compact body, its torso is not very long, although it does have quite agile and straight legs, which help it to be much more agile than some other breeds.

The size of its head is regular or medium, its ears have a triangular and straight shape, always facing forward. The eyes of these dogs are dark in color, like their nose, in most cases, they are black. The muzzle is long and thin.

One of the main characteristics of this breed of dog is its coat, which is smooth, long and pure white. These Japanese dogs have a fluffy and abundant coat that makes them the center of attention wherever they go.

Nihon Supittsu varieties

The Japanese Spitz dog is only white, there are no other varieties of this, as there are with some other breeds of Spitz.

This means that, if you see a supposed Japanese Spitz of a color other than white, it is because it is not really pure blood, it will surely be a mixture of some other breed with Japanese Spitz.

Japanese Spitz care

Like any breed of dog, the Japanese Spitz requires specific care so that they can have a healthy life free of pathologies and complications.


It is not necessary to think too much when you want to feed one of these little dogs, in fact it is very simple to do so. You should only take two servings of quality feed and give it to them during the day, with this, it will have more than enough to satisfy its appetite.

In the event that you prefer to feed them homemade meals, its diet may contain meats, vegetables and rice.

Even knowing this, the ideal is that you always consult with your veterinarian about what will be the best diet for your pet. This will depend on your weight, size, metabolism, and physical activity.

In many cases, homemade food is not enough to provide the nutrients that your dog needs. Therefore, it will be essential that you combine it with supplements so that it can cover all your requirements.

These supplements must be prescribed by the veterinarian , as it will be it , according to some studies, who will determine whether or not they are necessary. By following this, you will have a happy, vigorous and very healthy pet.

Hair care

The Japanese Spitz breed does not need specific grooming or care that is too exaggerated with its coat. You only need to brush it at least once a week. In this way, it will be possible to make their coat healthy, beautiful and, in addition, the protective qualities that its coat possesses remain active .

You should not bathe immediately, if you take too frequent baths, you may run the risk that the dog’s coat becomes weak or fungi proliferate on the skin, due to excess humidity.

These dogs do not shed abundantly, you will only see a regular shedding during the shedding season, which occurs once a year. During this important time, it is when you should brush more constantly, at least 2 or 3 times a week .

If you have the time to do a daily brushing during the shed, it would be ideal, as this prevents dead hair from getting tangled with healthy hair and causing knots. In addition to that we benefit from its capillary activation , which protects the coat during this time.

Exercise and physical activity

This breed of dog does not require too constant physical activity, its exercise must be moderate or even little. However, that little exercise will require moderate intensity . One of the ways to accomplish this is by going out for a run every day for a few minutes, nothing excessive but constant.

The activities that can be done at home are mostly training and obedience . With them, the Japanese Spitz will have enough physical activity to discharge its energy and stay active.

Character of the Japanese Spitz

These are very popular dogs due to their loving, playful and very faithful nature. They are very good at demanding attention, usually they will always ask you for caresses and pampering, in addition to that, they are very faithful to their humans, so they are also protective.

Although they are dogs of a somewhat small size, these dogs can assume the role of guardians without problems, especially with their owners, since the bond that binds them makes them always want to protect those they consider family or pack.

They are curious by nature, they are always alert and vigilant as they observe everything that happens around them. In addition to this, these little ones are very intelligent, so they can be trained and educated very easily from puppies . Being playful in nature, they can enjoy training through games.


Japanese Spitz are dogs that can easily adapt to any environment and type of life, so they will be happy living in houses with patios or gardens, but they will also be happy in apartments.

They are ideal for living in large families and even with small children. As long as there is respect for them and they are treated in the correct and appropriate way, never with abuse.

It is of the utmost importance that these furry ones get used from a young age to endure being alone for short or medium periods of time. Because they are dogs that create too strong emotional bonds, they tend to suffer from separation anxiety when their owners are not close to them.

These little canines easily steal the hearts of their families as they are very sweet, affectionate and even very funny, since they often do things to attract the attention of their owners.

Nihon Supittsu diseases and deficits

At present, hereditary diseases that are associated with this breed of dogs are not yet known. This is because, as the purity of their blood has been maintained, there have been no genetic malformations that affect them or their inheritance.

Something we must bear in mind is that, when taking one of these dogs for a walk to exercise, the intensity should be low or moderate, since we are talking about small dogs and short limbs, so they tend to suffer from kneecap dislocations.

Although they are very active and playful dogs, they tend to tire very easily, so you do not have to overexert them or force them to carry out physical activities or walk if they do not want to.

The greatest care that must be given to these fluffy friends is that of their fur, which, being white, abundant and long, will need a weekly brushing to keep it healthy, clean and beautiful.

10 curiosities of the Japanese Spitz

  1. They are one of the most modern Japanese dogs. Although the date of its origin is not entirely clear to date.
  2. There is a controversy between whether their ancestors are pure Spitz or if they are part of the Samoyeds.
  3. This breed has been included in almost all dog clubs, with the exception of the Kennel Club, which considers these dogs as a sub species of the Pomeranian.
  4.  They are medium-sized dogs. A feature that has made them popular.
  5. There is only one variety of Japanese Spitz, the one with white hair.
  6. They can easily adapt to any lifestyle.
  7. They are ideal dogs for large family members and for those with small children.
  8. Being such loyal dogs and with great bonds with their owners, they tend to be overprotective with them.
  9. They do not tend to shed as much fur, only in the melting season. Although this characteristic is more common in females during their mating period.
  10. They are very healthy dogs, in fact, until now there are no known hereditary diseases that are specific to the breed.

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