Dogs defecate aligned with the earth’s magnetic axis

Dogs are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic poles and prefer to defecate and urinate in the north-south direction, research concludes

The dog prepares to defecate, but first repeats a ritual that draws the attention of many owners: the animal turns and turns on itself, in search of the best position. What is the reason for this curious behaviour? An investigation offers the key: dogs are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field and choose the north-south axis to defecate and urinate. This article reveals the keys to understanding this fascinating find. Is magnetism affecting other behaviours of the dog with whom we share life ?

Dogs are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field

The Earth’s magnetic field not only marks the heroic journey of salmon through the oceans and their return to the rivers to spawn. The magnetic poles of our planet also affect dogs, and they do so in a very particular way: dogs are sensitive to these magnetic currents and, especially, when choosing the position to defecate or urinate.

Dogs are sensitive to the Earth’s magnetic field and choose the north-south axis to defecate and urinate.

The experts tracked 70 dogs (male and female) of 37 different canine breeds for about two years. Among them were beagles, German shepherds, Irish setters, pugs and mixed-breed dogs. The detailed conclusion reaches 1,893 defecations and 5,582 dog urine later.

Dogs prefer to urinate and defecate with their body aligned along the terrestrial north-south axis . Of course, as long as the animal is calm and free from the leash. The influence of the terrestrial magnetic poles on the posture chosen by the studied dogs is only evident when they enjoy open spaces, are calm and are free of leashes .

But when these circumstances occur, and the earth’s axis is stable, the dogs seem to be clear about it. In the same way as compasses, the long-suffering dogs look for the north-south axis, and to do this they rotate around themselves until they find the right direction .

Does the Earth affect our dog’s behaviour?

Animal behaviour in nature is affected by the Earth’s magnetic field. And salmon is not the only species to notice its effects: rodents , whales, coyotes, foxes , cows, sheep and even deer align their bodies with the Earth’s magnetic axis.

These scientists wanted to know, consequently, if the Earth’s magnetic field is also affecting the dogs with whom we share life. The answer is yes. Dogs have been shown to be sensitive to terrestrial magnetism, and this variable magnetic field can cause changes not only in the direction the animal chooses to defecate, but also in other responses and behaviours.

Once canine sensitivity to our planet’s changing magnetic fields has been confirmed, questions remain to be resolved. To what extent do these streams of electrically charged particles that travel the Earth influence the daily lives of dogs ? Some experts have already expressed interest in this question. This research is fascinating, and raises new questions, including how terrestrial electromagnetism is affecting behavioural changes in our dogs.

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