7 toys every dog ​​needs

Dogs need 30 minutes of daily exercise, which can be done with toys that stimulate their intelligence

A tired dog is a happy dog. A young and healthy dog ​​needs between 20 and 30 minutes a day of exercise. And what is the most fun way to get your heart rate up while avoiding dog boredom ? Using toys! This article shows more information about the seven toys that every dog ​​needs: a kong, a flying disc, balls, teethers, leather bones, puzzles and stuffed animals to give them lots of love. Learn why they are important, why each animal has its preferences, and how to use them safely .

Toys to awaken the dog’s mind

Playing with the dog is important so that it gets the exercise it needs. And not only that. Toys reduce boredom, the culprit of many behaviours that are generally attributed as negative: from destroying cushions or smashing the bed. The boredom of the dog leads to destructive behaviours and other problems that the dog turns to in an attempt to get our attention.

Toys offer a mental and physical stimulus to dogs. They are not a whim, but very necessary tools to enrich the lives of these four-legged friends. Additionally, dogs need to spend quality time with their beloved humans. And toys are the perfect excuse to achieve it, while having a great time together!

But do all dogs like the same toys? No. Like children, dogs also have preferences for certain types of toys. How to get it right? The key is to try and, once your tastes are detected, you have to adjust the selection to the budget and the tastes of the four-legged friend.

1. Kong for dogs

Kong-type toys for dogs fall within the so-called interactive toys for dogs, since they make them work. These peanut-shaped toys with grooves and holes are prepared to be filled with food, which is released as the animal bites or hits its kong.

Kong-type toys are wonderful because the dog has to work but also reward his effort. And, in addition, when they are of quality, they are almost indestructible since they are made with a rubber resistant to bites.

Do not forget the amount of food (in the form of balls, treats or frozen wet food) that is included in the kong. This ration should be reduced from the amount of daily food offered to the dog to prevent overweight.

2. Canine puzzles and other smart toys

There are many types of smart toys for dogs. Puzzles are a great example. In addition to the kong, try including filled balls with prizes and puzzles for your friend. There are them with moving parts and covers that move when the dog pushes them with the snout or the paw. But you have to choose it for sure.

The dog will learn to play with patience and tasty rewards. In addition, these puzzles will stimulate your intelligence. A dog can spend hours of play while manipulating toys with its mouth, paws, and muzzle!

3. Leather bones for dogs

Another edible toy for dogs is leather bones. These bones are great because they allow the dog to bite down safely to its teeth,  Stickney explains. Dogs need to bite to exercise their jaws. And if the chosen one is a safe toy, the chances of the animal choosing a piece of furniture in the house or slippers are significantly reduced.

However, you should also take some precautions. The first is to purchase the bone from a reputable business, so that the edible toy is safe. But, in addition, it is advisable not to opt for too large bones that hang around the house for days, since the chances of them ending up full of dirt and bacteria are very high. Better to choose a bone that you can bite into and consume for a few hours.

4. Flying discs for dogs wanting to run

Most dogs enjoy games that involve capturing a toy. And in this category there is a very special toy: the flying disc or frisbee . Which to choose? Avoid hard drives that can damage your teeth and, on the contrary, choose a quality frisbee and thought for dogs, that is, one that is flexible and allows your friend to capture it with their mouth without pain.

One last precaution. The Frisbee can invite dogs to jump high and land on their hind legs. If the animal has bone problems or may suffer from hip dysplasia , the veterinarian should be consulted first, because the discus throw will be safer if it is not forced to jump so much.

5. Dog balls

A cheap alternative or complementary to the flying disc for dogs is the ball. A simple tennis ball will delight the furry gamer. In addition, if it is not too big, a ball can even be played at home.

To throw further and not have to bend down when picking up the ball, there are rigid supports to catch it and throw it further .

6. Dog chews

A common rope can be dangerous for the dog, since there is a real chance that the dog will destroy it and end up inside its stomach. It does need to chew, however, and secure, twisted-rope dog chew toys are a great tool to enjoy the canine “tug of war” version.

7. Dog toys: a furry hug

Not everything is running and biting. Dogs are affectionate animals that need a lot of love, so a good stuffed animal will help them feel comforted. But not all stuffed animals are for all dogs: while a small dog will need a toy that it can carry in its mouth, a larger animal will prefer a larger doll.

Safe doggy game

  • Do not use single hole balls as they can cause a vacuum effect inside the dog’s mouth and pose a serious hazard.
  • Stones and sticks are also dangerous for dogs .
  • Always supervise your furry friend’s play.
  • Choose toys that do not fit completely in the dog’s mouth and therefore cannot end up in the back of his throat.
  • Vary the toys: rotate them to squeeze the possibilities of canine play and multiply their appeal.

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