5 Great ideas if your dog is bored

Bored dogs develop behaviour problems, such as barking a lot or chewing on furniture, in order to capture the attention of their owner and end their sadness

Bored dogs are not happy dogs. A dog that dozes day and night, that spends long hours alone, and that lacks toys, new foods, affection, and fun walks is not stimulated and sad animal. In situations like these, it is normal for him to develop behaviour problems, such as barking excessively , chewing on furniture and even rummaging through the garbage, in order to attract the attention of his master. That’s why it’s essential to combat dog boredom with great ideas like the ones outlined in this article: from learning to choose your toys wisely and offering new foods or tasty treats, to doubling walks and making your mealtime so much more! fun!

Is the dog bored?

Although scientists remember that certain doses of boredom are good for people, since they stimulate creativity, nobody likes to be bored all the time. And, in this, dogs are no exception. Dogs without stimuli can develop behavioural problems, such as breaking furniture in the house or rummaging through garbage, for the simple joy of getting the attention of their humans.

A bored dog that sleeps all day or spends too many hours just lacks the motivation necessary for its normal development. This explains why it is not uncommon for a tedious song to demonstrate their lack of entertainment with behaviour problems, such as excessive barking, house-breaking, or disobedience .

These behaviours are nothing more than the pet’s way of communicating to its master that it has a problem. However, their boredom can lead to even more serious upheavals. Thus, a dog that does not receive the attention and emotional care it requires can even develop health problems, such as separation anxiety when left alone at home and some forms of canine depression .

But avoiding boredom with the dog is possible . Here are five great ideas for how to get there .

1. Choose your toys well

Toys are not a luxury for dogs, but a necessity. And is that toys help combat boredom when the dog is alone at home. But, in addition, the toys provide them with well-being, which prevents them from developing problematic and unhealthy behaviours.

Having a variety of toys can go a long way toward breaking your boredom. There are dogs that prefer soft toys, others that prefer balls for dogs and some go crazy with dolls that make noise. You have to take into account its preferences when choosing the most suitable toys for them.

2. Prepare special food

Who does not enjoy a good plate of food with new flavours and careful homemade recipes made with love? Well, again, in this the dogs are no less. A diet based on food scraps is not healthy for them, but this does not mean that you cannot reward them with some chicken (boneless and lean), delicious homemade dog food and cans of wet food.

In addition, the lack of mental stimulation in dogs and cats can cause them as many eating problems as an inadequate diet. For this reason, eating disorders , such as coprophagia, compulsive eating and even obesity, are also related to boredom and the lack of incentive psychologists.

In this task, you can help make homemade cookies and even follow several tricks to fill the kong toy with the most delicious and tasty canine snacks .

3. Provide tasty toys

The interactive toys for more stimulating dog food are hot. Plus, they are a fun and healthy way to stimulate your mind.

The guideline is to forget about the food bowls overflowing with pellets and make him work a bit for his food. Pellets of feed hidden in tubes , which the animal needs to remove with the help of its legs, and even canine puzzle-shaped dining rooms replace traditional bowls. In this way the pet’s mind is exercised and has fun!

4. Give you fun smells

It is common to underestimate how important the nose is to dogs . However, one of the reasons a dog enjoys outdoor walks so much is hidden in his nose: Smells trigger his mind.

In addition to walks, boredom of the dog can be prevented with foods that contain new scents . In addition, in the list of olfactory games that stimulate the dog’s mind it is possible to find several that drive away boredom. Any ideas? Create a crawl track and play find a very smelly dog ​​hideout!

5. Teach him new tricks

Dogs are intelligent animals that also need to feel useful and learn new things. Tricks, like learning to sit up , teaching him not to pull on the leash, or training him to come when called , can be valuable canine education tools and great fun for the dog!

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