5 games for smart dogs

Dog games feed their intelligence, with tricks like learning to sit down or enjoying hide and seek

Dogs are intelligent animals that, like people, need to keep their minds busy and stimulated. Walking and socializing with other dogs activate their minds. But games designed for them also favour their intelligence, in addition to making the pet happier. In this article, five games and tricks are pointed out to feed the dog’s intelligence: from learning to sit, to playing hide-and-seek or using different affectionate sounds to play with them.

Games for smart dogs, and happy!

Dogs don’t talk, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t smart. The dogs understand about 165 words and human gestures . This ability has a double merit, since they are signs outside their species. But not only that. Dogs know simple mathematics and can even solve spatial problems.

But what can be done to stimulate the intelligence of the four-legged friend? Like people, dogs need to keep their minds busy. In addition to feeding the dog’s brain with frequent walks and relationships with other peers, games ignite its intelligence, in addition to making the dog happier!

1. Learn to sit

A dog that learns with its human, in a pleasant way, the command to sit, will work its intelligence. This teaching implies understanding patterns, assimilating them, relating different gestures and strengthening the bond of friendship with their master. But also teaching the dog to sit will improve its willingness to do other important things, such as answering the call, not moving or lying down.

But how do you get the dog to sit up after giving the command? Getting the dog’s attention, making it look into the eyes of its owner, as well as using rewards and positive reinforcements, and not punishments, are some of the tricks to get it to learn to sit up.

2. The canine hideout

A dog with an active brain is a happier animal. The classic game of hide and seek, adapted to the doggiest version, can serve to stimulate their intelligence in a fun way. But where do you start? The first thing is to spread an object with a little wet food and hide it in the park or at home. When the game of hide and seek takes place inside the home, it is preferable that the toy is covered with a t-shirt, or other old clothing, in order to avoid staining the house.

The search track can incorporate boxes, containers, and other obstacles that the dog must jump over. The object with the food can be hidden in different places along the route and, as the animal discovers them, it is rewarded with caresses and even a homemade cookie.

3. Grab me!

Dogs can have a great time with this exhilarating game shared with their dear human friend. The first thing to do is tie a rope that is at least one meter long to the end of a long pole. A small stuffed animal is tied to the end of the rope and a cheap homemade toy for the dog is ready .

How do you play? You have to hide behind a door or wall and grab the stick with your hands, while the doll rests on the ground, within sight of the dog. By moving the stick slightly, the stuffed animal will attract the attention of the dog, who will try to grab it with its mouth. At that time, the movement is intensified to prevent the animal from catching it. So it becomes a creative grabbing game!

4. Wow, wow? What do you hear?

Sounds are a fun tool to activate the minds of dogs. Dogs react differently to different sounds , so we can use them to enhance certain moods in them.

A game proposal for dogs consists of playfully caressing the pet and accompanying this contact with a noise : this will work as a good incitement to play. It is possible to try to repeatedly caress different parts of your body, always accompanied by the same noise. It may take a while for the dog to identify the noise with the play of touch, but once it is sure that it has understood the activity, it can try to make the noise and wait a few seconds before touching them. The animal usually amuses itself while it finds out where the caresses will come from each time.

5. A very funny window

Dogs, like people, enjoy novelty. If you live in a house with a terrace or garden, a stimulating idea is to place a bird feeder in front of the window. This simple gesture will provide the dog with a changing and entertaining landscape, which will vary as new birds approach in search of food. Although the role of the master in this game disappears once the house is installed, for the dog, on the contrary, it will be a fun entertainment that will help him feel less alone.

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