12 ways to tell your dog that you want to play, and let them understand you!

If the dog does not want to play, there is a good chance that it is his human’s fault, because he does not always manage to communicate with him

If the dog does not want to play, it is most likely that it is not its fault. Dogs like to play with their humans, so if the dog seems reluctant to play, don’t be too quick to believe that it can’t play. Have you tried everything and it doesn’t work? Scientists say there is a good chance that you are confusing the animal and not knowing how to tell it that you want to play with it. Here are the tricks that do work to tell the dog that you want to play with them. Any ideas? You just have to run for them to go after them, run towards them by surprise, give them a very furry hug and talk to them a lot!

Play with the dog, but how to tell?

Kisses, shoe tapping on the ground and even human barking. Scientists who have studied how people communicate with dogs conclude that many of the signals most used to play with them do not work. In other words: your four-legged friend does not understand what you are saying. Hence that doggy look.

Play is a powerful tool for a dog and has a great influence on them, since it determines its development, its motivations, emotions, as well as his ability to communicate and behave. But if playing is so important to dogs, what are we doing wrong?

Clapping the hands, tapping the ground (the most recurrent and inefficient, experts say) and barking with the illusion of imitating them are some of the most recurrent ways we try to start a game with our friends. But unfortunately, that doesn’t mean they work. The signals that we use the most to try to play with the dog do not always work , while others less used are effective.

So say the dogs who want to play

The clearest example of a well-meaning but disastrous sign? It has already been mentioned, but tapping the ground, with the shoe or the hands, is the most repeated way that people try to play with dogs . But according to scientists, it only works 38% of the time. Others are not worth anything directly. Gestures like mimicking his barking, picking him up, or kissing him have no effect, as they seldom promote the game by themselves,” adds Rooney. “And if they ever work, it’s only because, in addition, we show a toy that catches their attention!

Fortunately, dogs have their furry way of saying that they want to play and that it is possible to imitate: a whole array of canine gestures that you have to learn to listen to. A dog that lies down with its front legs stretched out in a reverence position expresses an invitation to play, especially when it moves its front legs from one side to the other in a playful way.

12 ways to tell your dog that you want to play, and that he understands you!

Although the most frequent ways of telling dogs that you want to play do not always work, all is not lost. Scientists, after years of recording volunteers interacting with their dogs, reveal that there are simple, though little-used, ways for the four-legged friend to understand that they want to play with him.

This is the list of the 12 most effective ways to tell the dog that we are ready to play with him .

1. Run or escape . Moving quickly toward or away from the dog works 100% of the time, according to experts.

2. Lean towards the dog . You have to bend the body at the waist, as in a bow!

3. I’m going to get you! Running by surprise towards the can.

4. Jump friend! Tapping on the chest or other similar signal that invites the dog to jump.

5. Let me take your legs! Grab or touch its paws.

6. Human, be more of a dog! It is about imitating the playing posture of dogs. It’s easy: just kneel down and stretch your hands in front of you.

7. Furry hug! Approach the dog in a hug.

8. Blow me! Another simple way is to blow or send some air towards the dog.

9. Foot or knee? Touch him with the foot or the knee.

10. Loving nudge . Make eye contact with the dog and then walk away in an affectionate way.

11. Talk to me softly. Whisper something to them.

12. Talk to them a lot. Words are an effective way to start the game with your furry friend.

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