The dog’s personal space

It is imperative to decide quickly, that is to say before the arrival of the puppy, what will be its “place”, its personal space in the house. You will put its “niche” there (real shelter, basket or simple blanket).

The location

This zone should not occupy the “center” of the house or apartment. Avoid putting your basket in the middle of the entrance. You must be able to move around your home without stepping over the dog at all times.

It seems harmless to see a dog stretched out full length in the middle of the corridor and obstruct the passage, but this position is a position of dominationBecause anyone now wanting to pass must “ask” the dog. It’s not normal. Especially if the dog makes it clear that it should not be disturbed because it is sleeping.

This is how we end up with dogs barking aggressively as soon as a person enters “their home”. Some even forbid access to the kitchen when they are eating. These are more dangerous than funny situations. Some amused owners realize this too late.

It is necessary, as far as possible, to avoid putting the puppy in the master bedroom and even in that of the children. This area is the masters rest area. The dog does not have to make it its own; to accept its intrusion would still be a sign of the master’s submission .

Indeed, in nature, no one can enter the rest area of ​​the dominant. The dog will be able to put its paws in your room if you invite it. Otherwise, it will be waiting for you at the door; it is not humiliating for them.

The easiest way is to fix the dog’s “place” in a corner of the entrance that does not interfere with it or at the end of a hallway. If you choose the stay, give it a small secluded place.

The layout

This corner must of course be the most comfortable. When you go to pick up the puppy, either at the kennel or at private homes, ask for an object or a piece of fabric that has been in the box and put it in its basket: its smell or that of its mother will reassure them.

There is no point in investing in beautiful baskets, which will quickly fall apart under the puppy’s fangs. Blankets or a big pillow are enough. But, even if it is its “room”, it does not have the right to ransack everything there! It must respect the “furniture”. Place its toys in the corner you have chosen for your dog.


The problem is very specific, since quickly “ the toilets are outside ”. In the early days, when you cannot yet apply this principle, do not place “its” newspapers next to the eating area. If it is forgotten in its basket, wash it (out of the dog’s presence), because the smell of urine will encourage them to do this again.


The meal is taken after the masters in a remote part of the kitchen. We remind you that this is not bullying but an essential principle to maintain the hierarchical relationships necessary for education, especially during meals.

The other parts

You have now delimited the areas in which the dog is at home. It is now necessary to establish the rules for the rest of the apartment, in which, we remind you, you live. It is not showing lack of love towards your animal to forbid them to lie down on the sofa. It is up to you to clearly determine, before the arrival of the puppy and with the family, the prohibited areas .

This precaution makes it possible to avoid sources of conflict , not with the dog, but with those around them. If the dog follows you into a forbidden room, gently bring them back to the entrance of the room, saying: “Stay! (This can be a cumulative “exercise” with learning this order.)

If it obeys, praise them. It is essential that everyone (children, spouse, grandfather) forbid them the same places. If it doesn’t obey, send them to lie down in its basket.

It is very important that the dog does not smell anything that belongs to you. It is a sign of domination. This is why it should not lie down on sofas or armchairs.

Strict rules to follow

Certain principles must be respected, as much by you as by them. Insist that the puppy sleep there the first night. If you give in the first night, it’s gone for life! You will, of course, have to put up with a few moans during the first few nights. Let them calm down on its own .

In addition, if you do not immediately differentiate your rest area and that of the dog, relationship conflicts will appear. Do not take the animal in your room, let alone in your bed. Even if you know people who do it and have no problem; the case is exceptional. Many people have welcomed their small dog into their room and end up with lots of problems! The male dog can, at puberty for example, prohibit by grunts the access to the room to the master under the pretext of “defending” its mistress.

There are some rules that you must follow too! When the dog is in its corner, it is necessary to respect its peace. It is in this case normal that it defends its territory. The reactions of aggression can be triggered if one comes to bother. You should not push them to behave like this. If you want to give them an order, first take them out (by voice) from the basket.

Please note : this is not a diplomatic asylum either; if the dog is at fault, if it takes refuge in its basket, you can take them out. Otherwise, it will quickly understand the principle of “territorial immunity”.

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