Is it okay to leave the TV on for the dog when you leave the house?

Is it okay to leave the TV on for the dog when you leave the house? Is it the right way to keep them company or is it a mistake? What’s to know.

When we have to leave the house and leave our dog alone, we have one and only thought: is it bored? Will it be fine on their own or will it miss me too much? In short, they are all legitimate questions and sometimes, to try to keep them company, let’s try the ‘virtual’ one. But is it okay to leave the TV on for the dog when you go out or should we do something else? Here’s what you need to know about this behavior.

What does the dog do alone when you leave the house

Do we think that our dog stays all the time in front of the window waiting crying for our return? Fortunately this is not the case (or at least not always) and all those owners who have installed a camera to spy on their dog alone at home have discovered it.

In fact, their activities are varied: it could take advantage of the quiet and absence of everyone (especially if it lives with children) to rest and sometimes even take long naps. In this case it will have more ‘cargo’ found when their master arrives.

It could also take advantage of the relaxation to get some extra cuddles, or taking the time to lick itself in the most difficult areas to reach with the tongue. Basically this behavior of their is equivalent to our manicure!

Certainly, if there are other animals in the house, it could interact with them and overcome loneliness; However, it is not said that he doesn’t take advantage of the owner’s absence to do what is normally forbidden to them: if we don’t want to have surprises, let’s not leave everything available to them before going out.

Leaving the TV on when you leave the house to keep the dog company: is it good or not?

While we do it with the best of intentions, not everyone agrees that leaving the TV on to keep your dog company when you leave the house is a good idea. In fact, these animals do not have the vision that allows them to see images as we do.

But they could at least hear voices, we might think: but in reality they don’t hear normal dialogues between people in the house. They could even be frightened by loud and sudden noises, music played at full volume (often like in commercials) which could make them jump.

Based on how dogs see, the same images passed on TV so quickly would amount to a real ‘bombardment’ for their brain, which would not be able to process them. Their nervous system would be hyper-stimulated, which would induce a strong state of anxiety and unbearable stress.

Leaving the TV on when you leave the house to keep the dog company: a valid alternative

Instead of leaving the TV on, we could arrange the house so that dog doesn’t feel too bored of being alone: ​​in fact, we could prepare them a sort of treasure hunt by hiding their favorite games or snacks. We could also leave odorous traces in the most hidden corners of the house, which could intrigue them.

Not to mention the various hobbies that we will leave at their disposal for them to play, just to keep them busy, while waiting for the owner to arrive, with whom it can have so many parties!

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