How to get rid of dog pee from the floor: the tips

When we live with a furry friend, especially a puppy, we can find ourselves in many different situations, one of many cleaning the floor stained by dogs pee.

In fact, initially if not previously educated, the small hairballs can easily urinate at home. But how can we get the stains and the smell of dog pee off the floor ? Let’s find out below.

Dog pee on the floor: how to get rid of stains and odour

Whether it’s a puppy or an incontinent senior dog, you can find pee stains on the floor.

What to do? First of all it is very important to eliminate all traces of urine, as the latter by drying it releases uric acid crystals that are not eliminated with the classic detergent.

Furthermore, remember that dogs pee is not only a liquid useful for eliminating waste substances from the body but it is also useful for the dog to distribute pheromones.

Even if we don’t smell pee, our four-legged friend’s sense of smell is highly developed, so he can easily smell it and pee again in the same spot, without ever learning not to.

For this reason it is necessary to be aware of the products to be used to permanently eliminate the stains and the smell of dog pee from the floor . In order to subsequently teach the dog not to pee in the house.

What to use to clean the floor

The first thing to do when the dog pees on the floor is to immediately absorb the liquid, as if the latter evaporates, only the acid from the pee remains and corrodes the floor.

So, just like we do when we remove dogs pee from the sofa , we take a paper towel and wipe the pee off the floor. After that, we take a rag wet with warm water and detergent (suitable for the type of floor), and we clean the stain,

Absolutely no ammonia-based product should be used, as the latter has a urine-like odour. After cleaning with water and detergent, cover the stain with baking soda and leave to act for at least 8 hours, then vacuum with a vacuum cleaner. Finally, clean everything with a detergent consisting of essential oils.

In case you haven’t noticed before your furry friend has urinated on the floor and the pee stain has dried out , you can use 2 methods: equal parts vinegar and water or a mixture of 500ml water, lemon juice and 50 grams of baking soda.

Before placing one of the two compounds directly on the pee stain, it is recommended to test these compounds in a corner of the floor to see if the latter stains.

After moistening the urine stain with one of the two compounds and leaving it to act for at least an hour, clean with a rag with water , put the baking soda on for a few hours, then vacuum the latter with the vacuum cleaner and wash with the detergent composed of essential oils.

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