Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog: dog breed appearance, character, training, care, health

The Stumpy Tail Australian Shepherd dog breed is characterized by its rough, fierce and resistant appearance. It has an energetic, alert and very obedient character. Well-mannered and trained, it can become an ideal dog for the whole family and children. At Petlifey, we explain the characteristics and character of the Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail.

Character of the breed Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle

The Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail character is obedient, alert, energetic, protective, watchful, courageous and trustworthy. These are the most outstanding qualities that adorn the personality of this breed of dog.

In addition, it shows a very intelligent dog behaviour, which knows how to differentiate between strangers of good will and those who are not to be trusted. For this reason, it is very useful as a guard dog, since it warns at the slightest sign that it betrays the presence of a stranger or before any anomalous situation.

It is a tireless worker who likes to always be busy. It manages the cattle with a skill that is difficult to match and shows its extraordinary courage by moving among the cows and guiding them through yipping (small nibbles on the legs of the cattle that help keep the herd together or lead the stray cattle into the group) .

  • Energy: High level. It is a tireless worker who always needs to be busy, as inactivity and boredom make them a destructive animal.
  • Temperament: It is attentive and vigilant, it is full of energy, and it is courageous and protective. It is also an obedient, loyal and trustworthy dog.
  • Adaptability: Low. You need to walk freely and freely, you do not settle for mere daily walks, therefore, you do not adapt at all well to the urban or inactive and limited life of a small garden or patio You need open spaces in the open air and a family with a style active and sportsman life.
  • Sociability: Medium / low. Very loyal to the family, it is suspicious and reserved with strangers, but it is not aggressive.
  • Health: Good. It is a strong and very healthy working breed.
  • Longevity: High. Live between 12 and 15 years.
  • Utility: Very versatile. Basically suitable for grazing, it is also useful in guarding and defence, and as a companion animal.

Is it a good family dog?

Very loyal to its family, it is a suspicious and reserved dog with strangers, but it is not at all aggressive, so it cannot be used as a defence animal.

It is not the type of dog that is satisfied with sitting at the door of the house and going out only a couple of times a day for a walk. It does not like to laze around and there is nothing further from its image of happiness than spending time in the garden doing nothing. An active family is ideal for this pet.

How do you behave with children?

In this sense, if the Stumpy Tail is destined to live with humans at home, it becomes an excellent companion for children, since it is attentive, vigilant and fun, it follows them in their games and allows their caresses and hugs without problems.

However, it should be remembered that some specimens have a highly developed herding instinct and that yipping can occur with children, and even with older people. However, these episodes are easily controllable and avoidable with proper training.

Can you live in an apartment or in the city?

Although with the right exercise and work this breed can live happily anywhere, it is not the ideal dog to reside in a flat, it prefers open spaces, and its ideal family is one that lives in the country and has a style of active life, sportsman and physically healthy.

Characteristics of the Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail

The most outstanding physical characteristics of the Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail are that it is a very well proportioned dog, with rugged appearance, rough and resistant enough to withstand long periods of arduous work under any conditions.

How is the Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail physically


With a height at the withers of about 48 cm for males, and about 45 cm for females, it is a dog with a square body structure. With a broad and strong back, and strong and powerful legs, it is a resistant, hard-working and somewhat rustic animal.


With a broad and flat skull, which tapers slightly towards the eyes, a slight but defined stop, and an obtuse and strong muzzle, it has an always black nose.

Strong, healthy teeth and oval, dark brown eyes with an alert and intelligent but suspicious expression.

The ears, moderately small, are stiff and almost pointed. They are set high but distanced, with quite thick skin. The edge of the ears is well provided with hair.


The outer coat is moderately short, dense straight and fairly hard in texture, while the undercoat is short, dense and smooth. On the head, legs and feet the hair is short, but around the neck it becomes longer and forms a slight ruff.


The Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail comes in either blue (mottled blue or blue, with black spots) or mottled red (a good uniform red throughout the body, including undercoat, with or without darker red markings on head).

Stumpy Tail Australian Shepherd Breed Standard

  • Origin: Australia.
  • Size: Medium / Large.
  • Other names: Australian Stumpy Tail Cattle Dog / Bouvier australien courte queue.
  • General appearance: Square in profile, it is a strong and well proportioned dog, but with a rough and rough appearance.
  • Height at the withers: between 46 and 51 cm for Males and between 43 and 48 cm for Females.
  • Weight: between 18 and 23 kg for Males and between 16 and 20 kg for Males.
  • Body: Square and muscular in structure, it has a broad and strong back, with a deep loin and highly arched ribs, which taper in the lower half.
  • Neck: Exceptionally powerful, arched, muscular and of medium length.
  • Tail: Set high, measuring at most about 10 cm, and carried high but not exceeding the top line.
  • Forelimbs and hindquarters: The legs have good bones and strong muscles. They are straight, well developed and parallel to the body.
  • Feet: Rounded and strong, with deep pads and well arched, close-knit toes. The nails are strong, short and dark in color.
  • Movement: Harmonious, loose, free, flexible and tireless, the advance has a great rear thrust. The dog can make quick and sudden movements.
  • Coat: The coat is short, straight, dense and strong, with a dense undercoat. Form a light collar around the neck.
  • FCI classification: FCI n 351. Group 1 – Sheepdogs and Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs) Section 2 – Cattle Dogs (except Swiss Cattle Dogs).

Education and training

It is not essential that the owner of a Stumpy Tail Australian Shepherd be an expert in dogs, although it is preferable that they at least have basic knowledge of canine education.

Since a well-directed training, with serious planning and a firm, but fair and constant execution, makes the puppy become an obedient, educated, happy, healthy and balanced animal, ideal for living at home with the family.

When welcoming it, its owner must be aware of the commitment it is making with its dog to always provide them with an occupation. A bored dog can become a serious problem, since, without a doubt, the first consequence will be the development of serious behaviour problems.

Therefore, it needs to have an owner who becomes its leader and who is committed to exercising this function continuously and consistently, in addition to providing plenty of exercise and scheduled activities in which the dog can expend its energy and enjoy the air free.

Stumpy Tail Australian Shepherd breed health and care

The Stumpy Tail Australian Shepherd is in very good health and does not present serious problems that require attending the veterinarian other than to comply with routine vaccination, deworming and general control schedules.

Also, your coat is very easy to maintain because you only need a regu-lar brushing with a card or a wire brush and a suede for the finishing touch.

Australian Shepherd Stumpy Tail diet

Due to its high degree of energy, it is a dog that needs to have a nutritious, good quality and energetic diet , which allows it to maintain its activity levels without compromising its health.

And as some specimens are very voracious, it is advisable to regularly control their weight and use all means to avoid obesity. Otherwise, this could lead to health problems with age.

Origin of the Stumpy Tail breed

Originally from Australia and obtained thanks to the crossing of Australian dingoes with smith fields , white and tailless shepherd dogs. The Australian Stumpy Tail Shepherd shares many characteristics with the Australian Shepherd Dog.

The specimens of this breed are highly valued for their attitude towards work, tireless and always eager to please, they are hardly known outside of Australia, where they were officially recognized in 1988.

Until not long ago it was considered a variety of the Australian cattle dog, but its supporters argue that it is much better than its cousin working in the field, much faster and more dedicated, which makes it irreplaceable for those who have it as a companion of fatigue.

Despite having as its most faithful opponent another great dog, the Australian sheepdog, this breed has managed to earn the respect and admiration of many fans. There are even those who say that, once they have worked with them, no other dog can be found capable of replacing them.

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