7 tricks to care for your dog’s hair at home

The dog’s hair must be cared for with brushing, cuts and foods that hydrate it.

To take care of the dog’s hair at home, you must first take the brush and write down the following tips that are given in this article, because not only does a simple brushing stop the dog’s hair loss, but it is very important to know how to do it well. A trick? Choose your brush well. More recommendations? Do not neglect dog baths, choose the right shampoo, learn to cut their hair and choose a diet rich in healthy fats . Below are all the tricks to get it.

Trick 1. When and how to brush the dog

Brushing the dog is very important: it keeps its coat clean and takes care of the canine skin. In addition, brushing the dog’s hair also favours its circulation, since the brush’s tines exert a very beneficial massage on it and, if done well, also very pleasant for the four-legged friend.

Brushing should be part of your home care routine. But when to brush the dog and how?

The first thing to remember is that brushing the dog should be before the bath and not after. Wet hair tangles more than dry hair, so the wet canine coat is more difficult to brush.

To avoid filling the house with hairs, you must cover the floor of the room where you intend to brush them with a towel and politely invite them to sit down. In this way, the dead hairs will end up on the towel and not on the floor.

The frequency of brushing the dog varies with the length and type of coat: curly, straight, long or short. The advice is to brush every day, at least a couple of times a week. But dogs with hair that tends to form knots may need more than one brushing a day.

Trick 2. Which brush to use according to the dog’s hair type

The right brush for the dog’s hair depends on its size and coat. Long-haired dogs require daily grooming with a long, stiff bristle brush and a wide bristle comb against tangles. Short-haired dogs are groomed with one or two brushings a week.

The brushes rubber glove type, help clean the dust and dirt trapped in the mantle. The trick? After the glove, all you have to do is use a soft brush and a metal bristle brush to catch the dead hairs. Brushes with metal bristles drag more hair and help us keep canine hair healthy.

Trick 3. Baths to take care of the dog’s hair

If you are in the bathroom at home, remember: brushing should be before and not after, as wet hair is more prone to tangling and knotting.

One trick to avoid slipping in the bathtub is to place a rubber mat or towel on the bottom.

Trick 4. How to choose the dog’s shampoo

Does your dog have curly or straight hair? Is the coat short and hard or long with a tendency to create knots? Remember to check the animal’s coat before choosing your shampoo or get advice from a trusted dog groomer .

And most importantly: never use your shampoo (not a children’s one) to bathe the dog, as its skin will be irritated and may even cause injuries. Dogs and humans are different, and these differences include skin and hair. The dog needs a specific shampoo. While your skin has a pH close to 7.5 (basic), the bumana barely reaches 5.5 (acid). This difference is too great to be able to use the same products during the bath. “The shampoos act on the pH of the skin, so if we use a human product we will cause irritation and even wounds in the dog.

Trick 5. How to cut the dog’s hair at home

If the housekeeping is tight, but the dog needs a haircut, there are tricks to getting it done at home safely. The make-up for haircuts at home that we humans use are not appropriate for dogs, since the maximum length they allow may not be enough for dogs and there is a risk of causing injuries and burns. The advice is to invest in a razor to cut the dog’s hair.

Another recommendation? Remember to take special care in areas where the dog’s skin is thinner, such as the neck, face, around the eyes, ears, armpits, navel, genitals or between the fingers. A small tug on these parts can cause injury. The advice is to alternate the more general homemade haircuts with visits to the canine salon to take care of those more delicate areas.

Tip 6. Taking care of the dog’s hair is fun with petting!

Brushing your dog should be a fun time and an excuse to pamper them. To achieve this, you must pamper them with daily caresses, even if you do not intend to brush them. This will make you more comfortable when it comes time to pick up the brush.

The ideal thing is to make brushing an extension of the caresses, so forget about the hard brushing! Alternate loving words and massages on the dog’s head and behind the ears . Who wouldn’t melt and stand belly up with this display of human love?

Trick 7. Foods that take care of the dog’s hair

Dog hair needs to be hydrated to be healthy and shiny. If you notice that its hair is dull or has dandruff, you should consult your veterinarian, as there are foods such as salmon or tuna that can help you.

Another helpful option is to use the oil from canned sardines (not spicy or seasoned), since they are an important source of omega 3 and 6, good acids that hydrate hair and skin. A teaspoon can be added to the dog’s food once a week. But there are more foods that take care of the dog’s hair and skin.

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