You are sleepy but unable to sleep – here’s what to do

Do you happen to be sleepy and just can’t sleep? Here’s what to do to fall asleep.

How many times have you been sleepy and unable to sleep? If so, now is the time to take action and find a solution to what appears to be a period of insomnia. It will not be the fault of anxiety huh? Whatever the cause of your falling asleep problems, in this article we will see some natural remedies suitable to promote falling asleep without giving you unpleasant side effects such as addiction or addiction, as often happens (alas) with the prolonged use of synthetic drugs. Not to mention the confusion and daze they give you in the morning… mmm what a bad feeling!

Much better to try the gentle way first and resort to the hard way – and therefore the use of drugs – only if deemed necessary by the doctor and under his watchful control.

How is it possible to be sleepy and not be able to sleep?

Have you ever wondered, why, despite feeling sleepy, being able to fall asleep sometimes is so difficult?

You must know that all the needs and functions of the organism are regulated by the internal biological clock. During the day there is the right time to go to bed, the most suitable time to study, to get the most out of sports performance and also to eat. Everything is marked by the regular succession of biological rhythms, which are in perfect harmony with those of nature.

It is the organism that warns us that it is time to go to bed and not being able to communicate it directly, it does so through yawning, the desire to close our eyes and that feeling of tiredness that almost makes us want to fall asleep on the sofa.

Indeed, to be honest, some evenings it’s easier to fall asleep on the sofa than in bed, isn’t it?

Here, when these signs come, it means that the right time to go to bed has come, because that is when falling asleep is easier.

If you resist, perhaps because you want to finish reading emails, or watch a movie on TV, the desire to sleep passes and you will have to wait a few hours again to be able to fall asleep.

If we wanted to indicate a “right” time to go to bed it would be between 21 and 23, when the body begins to secrete melatonin, the hormone that regulates sleep.

After this time, being able to fall asleep becomes more difficult every hour, because the secretion of melatonin by the pineal gland of the brain – after reaching its peak between 11 pm and 3 am – gradually begins to decrease, to make room for cortisol and slowly prepare the body for awakening.

Thinking of being able to fall asleep without difficulty at any time of the night is not possible. It is our internal biological clock that prevents us from doing so, therefore, the first thing to do to avoid insomnia and falling asleep problems is to start respecting it.

Factors that prevent you from falling asleep: stop anxiety, stress and repetitive thoughts

Some factors that can negatively affect our ability to fall asleep are anxiety and stress.

If the mind is crowded with negative thoughts, being able to fall asleep even if you are sleepy is impossible! How to fall asleep if the thought rather than towards rest and good dreams is directed towards the last business meeting, the children’s school or the work to be done at home that seems to never end?

For this reason it is necessary to be able to clear your mind before going to bed.

To do this, you can try some relaxation exercises, or dedicate a few hours of the day to an activity that you like and that gives you satisfaction, or you can try to use natural remedies such as Griffonia, Giuggiolo, Lemon balm and Hawthorn, all plants known for their ability to promote relaxation and reduce stress.

You can find the titrated extracts of these plants in the 100% natural formulation of Relax Mente Salugea, a supplement designed and formulated to help find inner calm and free the mind from uncomfortable, negative and repetitive thoughts. Oh yes, talking about those thoughts that clog the mind with their perennial circular motion. How about stopping them?

The last factor that can affect falling asleep are large meals that are too high in fat and sugar.

To be able to fall asleep without problems it is much better to have dinner consuming light and easily digestible dishes, so as not to engage the stomach too much in digestion before going to bed and to avoid stocking up on energy ready for use just before bedtime.

Now that we have seen the factors that don’t make you sleep even when you are sleepy, let’s see which are the most effective natural remedies to fall asleep right away and sleep like a log all night.

The most effective natural remedies to be able to sleep

The most effective natural remedies to promote falling asleep are:

  • Valerian: very active on the central nervous system, it acts by promoting relaxation and inducing sleep in a natural way
  •  Escolzia: also active on the central nervous system, it is known and appreciated for its ability to promote sleep without causing lightheadedness in the morning
  • Hops: thanks to its calming and sedative properties it is used to reduce stress, promote falling asleep and counteract insomnia problems
  • the Linden: is the perfect ally for those who often fall victim to anxiety and somatize their anxious state at the gastrointestinal level. In fact, thanks to its antispasmodic properties (as well as relaxing!), Linden acts on the smooth muscles of the intestine, soothing aches and pains.

These remedies can also loosen the muscular tensions of a nervous nature that can induce cervical and joint pain, factors that certainly do not facilitate a good rest!

You could go to a herbalist’s shop and have an herbal tea prepared with these plants, taking into account that the action of the herbal tea is rather mild, or, you can find the natural active ingredients of these plants in the form of dry extracts titled in Serena Notte Salugea, the supplement 100 % natural formulated and studied to promote falling asleep, promote a good night’s rest and counteract nocturnal awakenings in a natural way and without negative effects upon awakening.


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