What is Memory Gel Mattress


Also this year summer arrived on time and, with it, longer, sunny and very hot days. If during the day we can face the summer heat by dressing in cool and light clothes, at night hot and muggy can be very annoying, making us wake up sweaty and hot.

Often, to get some relief, you try to create drafts in the house or keep the air conditioner on all night. These are certainly possible solutions, but they do not always solve the problem, proving, in many cases, even counterproductive and unhealthy.

It is here, between the sheets, that our body transmits heat and heats the mattress and everything with which it comes into contact. But how to make the mattress cooler? Here, then, is revealed the winning intuition: the recent generation mattress with refreshing gel is the ideal solution for those who, in addition to the comfort of memory foam, also want to enjoy a pleasant sensation of freshness.

Let’s get to know the characteristics of this revolutionary material together.

Advantages of memory gel mattresses

What are the benefits of memory gel mattresses and why to choose them

Because the memory gel mattress is cooler: it is a special innovation that allows the mattress to maintain an exceptional freshness thanks to the layer of memory gel, a viscoelastic foam produced in nanotechnology capable of thermoregulating all areas in contact with the body, creating a perfect ideal microclimate. This technology proactively regulates temperature and humidity and ensures a better and healthier rest.

Specifically, these are intelligent open cell microspheres that absorb latent heat flows and store a high quality of energy, keeping the temperature constant and returning heat during the subsequent lowering.

Summer mattresses: how the memory gel mattress works

Thanks to its low thermal conductivity, the Gel takes 2 hours to have a temperature increase of 1 degree, after which its temperature stabilizes at 2 degrees below the body temperature, thus giving a pleasant sensation of freshness, so much so that it can happen. to hear them call air- conditioned mattresses.

This space technology was developed in order to protect astronauts from temperature changes in space.

The gel also promotes blood circulation and oxygenation of the skin during sleep.


If you want a cooler mattress for summer nights, memory gel technology is the solution

There is no doubt that those with a high body temperature or those who live many months a year in areas with high temperatures to rest well can find an ally in the gel mattress. Forget the sudden awakenings caused by sudden heat exhaustion.

If you too cannot find “peace” in the bed during these hot summer nights, rely on the revolutionary mattresses with memory gel technology, they will guarantee you a dry and fresh sleep. But above all, a pleasant feeling of well-being and maximum hygiene.


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