Valerian in capsules or tablets: whatis the most effective

Are you looking for valerian in capsules or tablets? It is an excellent natural remedy for a good night’s sleep, and in this article we guide you in making an informed choice of the most effective product.

Commercial preparations based on valerian are prepared with the roots of the plant. The properties of valerian are many, even if it is mainly used for:

  • promote sleep
  • calm the states of anxiety
  • manage daily stress and mental fatigue
  • for spasms due to the nerve colon

With the roots, after drying them, natural valerian remedies are prepared in the form of capsules, tablets or hydroalcoholic mother tinctures. If your sense of smell is very sensitive, we advise you to carefully avoid valerian in the form of herbal tea or infusion: it has a particularly strong and not too pleasant smell!

Depending on the use you want to make of it, a type of valerian preparation is recommended instead of another. Usually for major or often recurring ailments it is better to choose valerian in tablets or capsules. The hydroalcoholic extract of valerian may be less concentrated and may need more time (and larger quantities) to achieve the desired effect.

In what form is it advisable to take Valerian

Can’t sleep well? It is in the format of valerian tablets and capsules that we usually find a higher concentration of active principle: provided they are based on titrated dry extract of the plant; only in this way do they contain a guaranteed dose of active ingredient.

How to understand it? On the product label, among the ingredients, the presence of dry extract of valerian titrated in valerenic acids is expressly declared (example: Valeriana officinalis L. root es tit. 0.8% ac. Valerenici): in this case we are faced with to good quality products!

What if it is not titled? If on the label you find simply written “Valeriana officinalis L., root pulv.”, This means that food supplement contains only parts of pulverized plantwithout any guarantee of a certain and defined presence of the active ingredientA titrated dry extract is therefore a guarantee of higher quality and effectiveness.

Capsules or tablets? Both forms of presentation are highly effective and the benefits are evident from the first use. So what can be the difference between valerian tablets and capsules and which one is better to choose? If the shell that covers the capsules is made with materials of vegetable origin, if the minimum possible of excipients are used in the preparation of the ingredients and no synthetic elements are used, then the capsule is certainly the optimal solution. In this way we can have a truly 100% natural product!

Valerian in sleeping capsules: which is more effective?

Did they recommend Valerian extract for sleep? What they forgot to tell you is that plants are much, much more effective when they can work in synergy. Valerian can also be associated with other plants that promote sleep, relaxation and counteract psycho-physical stress, such as Escolzia and Linden. Therefore, a natural supplement based on titrated dry extracts of these plants, strictly in vegetable capsules.


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