Tiredness and sleepiness: natural remedies to recover your energy

If you have arrived here, you most likely feel a feeling of tiredness or sleepiness or maybe both and you are looking for a solution to recover your energy.

First of all you have to actually understand what it is, in fact tiredness and sleepiness are not the same thing.

Tiredness or sleepiness?

These two words, which may seem like synonyms to you, actually contain two different conditions.

Tiredness is precisely the feeling of not having the energy to face the commitments of the day, both from a physical and mental point of view.

On the other hand, sleepiness is the condition in which you just can’t keep your eyes open and it seems to you that the only solution is to sleep.

Behind these two conditions there may be common causes but also other totally different ones.

Causes and manifestations of fatigue

Fatigue when it does not derive from a real physical effort and is not occasional but has been going on for some time can be linked to several factors.

Chronic fatigue can be triggered by a physical condition or a mental state.

In the first case, the reasons can be different, for example weight problems (both in the case of overweight and underweight), more or less serious diseases (such as diabetes or problems related to thyroid malfunction ) or even alterations in the normal sleep-wake cycle.

In the second case, on the other hand, stress and tension, depression and sleep disturbances can trigger fatigue.

This feeling of exhaustion never comes on its own.

If you slow down and try to listen to yourself you will realize that the tiredness and the perception of having an infinite day ahead is actually accompanied by other manifestations.

Pay attention you probably also feel a feeling of boredomirritability, you notice a lowering of the immune defenses and almost certainly to surround everything that is also some discomfort in the stomach and intestines.

When there is no full-blown disorder at the base, all of this originates from a psychosomatic condition.

Basically your worriesinsecurities, and the load of things to do make their way into your mind and take over. All this non-stop blending in your head instead of giving you the energy to face the day makes you go into hibernation.

What to do to counter this disorder?

Given that keeping your health under control with periodic blood tests is the first thing to do, if on a medical level the situation is normal, there are some things you can do to regain energy.

If you think your condition has arisen from a particularly stressful period of life, you must first try to restore your balance. How?

Try to slow down and take care of your body and mind, you can’t always run after the needs of others without thinking about yours.

In order to feel at the top you need to nourish your body in the right way, nutrition is in fact a very important aspect to have the right energy during the day.

Try to stick to a healthy, balanced diet and avoid eating foods that strain digestion and the liver. Try to avoid junk and ready-made foods as they are rich in preservatives and fats that only overload your body with toxins to dispose of.

And if you feel you need an extra boost, don’t resort to exciting substances such as coffee or other energy drinks but rely on natural supplements that provide essential nutrients for our body.

Also try to establish a healthy routine in your days.

For example, wake up early in order to have time to get active, take the time to have a nice breakfast before going to work, school or college. Remember to play sports (even better if in the open air). It will make you feel better and will help you take your mind off work and thoughts.

Finally, go to sleep at roughly the same time and not too late. To promote relaxation, avoid looking at cell phones or other devices, rather choose a good book

News: Long Covid and fatigue

In this historical period we must also take into consideration the situation linked to Covid which inevitably conditioned our life.

Some people who have had severe to moderate COVID-19 disease may experience debilitating repercussions long after infection. Among the most common symptoms is persistent fatigue both mentally and physically.

A study conducted on patients discharged from a Wuhan hospital, in the 6 months following the infection, showed that about 63% of the recovered felt fatiguetiredness or muscle weakness. Immediately following, the most common symptoms were difficulty sleeping, anxiety and depression.

So your tiredness could also be due to aftermath of the infection if you have had it.

Somnolence: what it is and how it occurs

Sleepiness , when it occurs during the day, is an atypical condition as we are normally sleepy in the evening when it is time for bed.

The first manifestations are frequent yawningrubbing of the eyesloss of attention.

The excessive sensation of daytime sleep or even falling asleep at inappropriate times and places can be caused both by disturbances in nocturnal sleep, by pathologies or by the constant use of certain drugs. The most common pathologies that can generate this state of drowsiness are for example anemia, headache, diabetes, hypothyroidism.

Diseases linked to vitamin deficiencies and metabolic imbalances easily induce this condition of hypersomnia.

However, sleepiness is not only linked to pathological conditions but also to natural conditions such as the change of season or the pre-menstrual and menstrual syndrome.

And in some cases, you can generate this condition yourself. Irregular lifestyles, ranging from shift work to the abuse of alcohol and stimulants (such as coffee, etc.) can be a cause.

Natural remedies for tiredness and sleepiness

If you are feeling tired, sleepy or both do not despair, there are many natural elements that can help you regain energy and vitality and improve the quality of your sleep!

In order to eliminate fatigue, it is important to give your body essential nutrients and substances with a tonic and adaptogenic power.

Let’s see if you already know any!

A perfect ally for the supply of high biological value proteins, vitamins and minerals is Spirulina: a freshwater microorganism that does not contain iodine. This feature makes it suitable for everyone, even those who have to check their thyroid.

Fantastic tonics and adaptogens are Royal Jelly and Ginseng. They are two excellent elements to support the immune system and to counteract fatigue. Ideal for seasonal changes and particularly stressful periods.

And then there is him… that you will almost certainly not know… the Shilajit!

What is that? A natural bio-mineral compound that exudes from the rocks of the Himalayan range.

Local populations have used it for thousands of years precisely for its power to support and strengthen the organism. It consists of more than 85 minerals and trace elements and antioxidant and adaptogenic active ingredients.

As we have seen before, fatigue and sleepiness can also be linked to stressful situations and sleep disturbances. So what to do in these cases?

In addition to trying to keep sleep-wake rhythms always the same, you can improve the quality of your rest and the relaxation of your nerves by relying on some plants with specific properties.

Here are some examples.

Valerian, Escolzia, Hops and Linden are excellent for promoting falling asleep and avoiding nocturnal awakenings.

Valerian is one of the best known plants for inducing relaxation and sleep. Extensive studies on its properties have revealed a mild hypnotic effect and its direct action on the central nervous system reduces the time to fall asleep and supports the quality of rest.

Both Hops and Linden, on the other hand, are particularly useful for promoting sleep in situations of stresstension and agitation.

These plants are therefore recommended in the evening before going to sleep and the best way to benefit from their properties is to take them in the form of titrated dry extract.

This is the best way of processing plants, it allows you to have the constancy of the active ingredient in all production batches. Consequently, the effectiveness is also constant.

Did you know that there are also plants that help relieve stress without making you fall asleep?

It is these that you can count on when you are tensestressed and easily irritable.

GriffoniaGiuggioloMelissa and Biancospino are for you!

Griffonia, in addition to promoting relaxation, also promotes the production of serotonin (also known as the hormone of happiness) thanks to the active 5-hydroxytryptophan.

These four plants are really fantastic for supporting the mood and helping with emotional relaxation in particularly busy times.

Now you should really know all the secrets to get rid of tiredness and sleepiness, you just have to recover your healthy routine!


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