The Cover for your Mattress: fabrics and characteristics

The best cover for your mattress!

Almost all mattresses have the option of being unlined. The coverings have latest generation technical features that guarantee a comfortable, thermoregulated rest, protected from bacteria and allergies.

The mattress cover is the first part that comes into contact with our body: it is essential that the cover is made with top quality fabrics, with cutting-edge technical materials.

What makes our coatings superior, both technically and qualitatively?

  • Padding: it is the part of the covering that serves to avoid direct contact of the body with the internal plate, and creates a perfect microclimate: warm in winter and cool in summer.Usually, the padding is made of wool fabric for the winter side, and in cotton for the summer side. Furthermore, it is very important that the padding is always in natural material, for a comfortable and thermoregulated rest. In fact, synthetic padding can create excessive heat, affecting good rest.
  • Breathable band with antibacterial silver fiber: this part covers the entire perimeter of the mattress, and acts as a filter between the internal and external structure of the mattress. Taking advantage of the accordion effect created by the movements of the body, it guarantees a continuous exchange of air, minimizing humidity. The band has a particular honeycomb process, to which silver fiber has been added on the inside. The silver particles, in contact with the air, are charged with antibacterial ions, and guarantee maximum hygiene even inside the mattress.
  • Carbon fiber I-carbon: is an antistatic shielding system, which serves to reduce the electrostatic charges that our body – in contact with electronic devices – accumulates during the day. This carbon fiber is inserted into the lining fabric, and helps make sleep regenerating and more comfortable.
  • Outer fabric of the upholstery: it encloses the padding, and is one of the main components of the upholstery, as it is the first element placed in contact with the body. It is therefore very important that it is made with high quality fabrics, as well as natural ones.

Many of our mattress covers are made from “smart”, natural or protective fabrics.

Here are the fabrics for the mattress cover (and for your well-being)!

Smart fabrics: they are latest generation fabrics, of natural origin (such as modal, cotton, linen), or synthetic (such as elastane, polyester, viscose).

They can be treated with particular processes, which involve the use of ionized gas, or they are created by mixing together different microencapsulated products, which give them beneficial properties and never harmful to humans.

The fabrics become more resistant to use, and their softness and elasticity are not altered at all.

Antibacterial fabrics: also widely used in the manufacture of fabrics, they contain antimicrobial molecules, which inhibit and destroy bacteria, molds and fungi.

Bioceramics is a material that can be added to textile fibers. It is a compound of mixtures of completely non-toxic mineral oxides, which is added (in liquid form) to the fabrics to make the most of their properties.

Furthermore, bioceramics have antibacterial, anti-odor properties and allow for better blood circulation, while maintaining body thermoregulation.

To promote a comfortable, healthy, breathable and antibacterial environment, we also use fabrics rich in silver fiber: this type of fabric has important therapeutic properties, eliminating 99% of bacteria in less than an hour.

In fact, silver neutralizes the bacterial flora and reduces electrostatic charges.

We have finished the journey into the world of mattress coverings: cotton, linen, silk, silver fiber or bioceramic.

There are something for all tastes, carefully choose the one that best suits your needs and your needs. Enjoy a comfortable, sanitized and, above all, dry rest!


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