Talking in your sleep: “somniloquy”

It has happened to everyone at least once in their life to talk in their sleep, whisper nonsense phrases or even giggle heartily. But why does this happen? Sleeping well is everyone’s dream, but either for anxiety or stress, it can happen to everyone to suffer from sleeping sickness or rest problems. Let’s see together the possible causes and remedies to help you sleep peacefully and sheltered from sleep disorders.

The origin of our speeches with closed eyes

Do we talk a lot during the day? This is why we do not shut our mouths even at night, some would say, in reality it is neither a characteristic of talkative people nor of advancing age.

It is only the somniloquymanifestation of the nocturnal activity of the brain that does not fall asleep completely but continues to reason, think, act.

So what brings us to talk during sleep?

– period of intense stress, from work, from days full of a thousand commitments or who knows even from enduring married life

–  fever: it often happens, at least a little, as our body temperature rises during the flu

– Excessive and unstoppable use of technologies before sleeping: that cell phone, computer, video games have become our most beloved entertainment cannot be denied but be careful not to use them too intensively, especially in the hours before getting into our warm bed. The images just seen on the relative monitors can become the subject of nocturnal dialogue between our ego and the self.

– caffeine: how many times have we said  “no tonight I won’t have coffee otherwise I won’t sleep”?! And how many times have we taken it anyway not sleeping or even disturbing the spouse with incomprehensible words, muscle jerks in the middle of the night?

Who is more predisposed and what is said in sleep

Everyone, at least once in our life, has raved about something in our sleep: women, men, children … but there are those who are more predisposed as the same science says: highly perfectionist people who do not accept to make mistakes and who, perhaps, repress what they want to say is that when they sleep they let go of their thoughts and, in the comparison between genders, people of male sex. This factor could be a weapon for all women to take revenge on something!

And all the times we talked what did we say?

The words most commonly spoken and heard in these situations are not easy to guess. The others, of a complete sense, most of the time contain sneers, giggles, adverbs such as “why, when, how”… Or negative meanings such as “no, not”. If our delusions are not always understandable, the answer we have always given to the delusions of others, of the one next to us is certainly certain: “Eh?! come on, sleep, what are you talking about!!! “

“Cure” to sleep talk …

No, it is not a disease that needs treatment but it is only one aspect, to say also nice, of our daily life that can be easily curbed with some small tricks:

  • We all know that the sofa is comfortable but it is not recommended to fall asleep on the sofa and then wake up naturally and, very often, even impetuously, to go to bedThe movements as well as the agitation of waking up in an unsuitable place are certainly not good for the tranquility of our sleep. It is preferable, when you feel the eyes cross for fatigue, the eyelids drop like shutters, put on the pajamas and go to the bedroom.
  • Sleeping without light sources and above all without mobile phones, televisions… We use them enough during the day and, to sleep, I would say “even no thanks”.
  • Do not eat too late in the evening and above all do not eat too heavy foods, which are not easy to digest. Your stomach should feel light when you get under the covers. Then the stew and an abundant pasta with meat sauce… the next day for lunch come on!
  • Adequate temperature in the bedroom, 18 ° -25 °Too oppressive heat, in addition to causing a severe migraine, can make us want to talk too much. Or if you want to keep a warmer climate, don’t cover yourself too much with blankets, sheets, big quilts. A thinner quilt or a light duvet is sufficient.

In conclusion…

The reasons why we talk randomly at night and the remedies for not doing so are as many and varied as we have seen but one thing is certain: any word said in a moment of “nocturnal unconsciousness” is fine and is, when it is told, funny, but never and I say never pronounce the name of another man / woman other than that of our partner. In this case there is no remedy.. to the anger of him / her!


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