Slatted base for the double bed

The guide to choosing the best slatted base for a double bed

Have you bought or are you buying a new double mattress and you are undecided which slatted base to combine it with? The choice of the network for your double bed depends on the type of mattress (memory foam, spring, latex) and the type of bed, in fact there are also specific networks for container beds in addition to the standard ones with specific types of slats. Finally, the slatted base also affects the general comfort that you want to give to the bed system to solve chronic pains (back pain, shoulder pain), together with the type of mattress chosen.

The bed base for the mattress: at the base of the bed system

Usually the bed base takes a back seat to the mattress. But it absolutely must not be like this: in fact, as there are many types of mattresses, in the same way  there are as many different models of bed base that allow you to have different comforts and usefulness. Let’s see the main types:

  • Bed bases with standard size and oversized bed bases: the size of the bed base and therefore of the mattress depends on the size of the bed. The standard sizes for a double bed base are: 160 × 190/200 while for oversize we mean the size 180 × 190/200.
  • Wooden bases and steel bases: both characterized by beech slats, they differ only in the material used in the perimeter structure. The steel ones are very resistant and sturdy, suitable to support any weight and usually used to be inserted inside the bed while the wooden ones, aesthetically more appreciated, can even be used to replace the bed.
  • Narrow slats and wide slats: the former are recommended for flexible mattresses as they conform very well to the mattress and allow for better adaptability. The latter, on the other hand, are recommended for heavier mattresses (with springs) and for more robust bodies.
  • “Classic” slatted bases and “technical” bases: the classic bases are those composed only of slats, without having any type of element that involves greater technicality in some of its parts. The technical ones on the other hand, have some more features: lateral shock absorbers, plates in the shoulder area, stiffness sliders in the pelvis area. All small details that help the network to interact even more with the mattress and therefore with our body.

Bed bases with fixed slats, manual bed bases, motorized bed bases: we don’t have particular needs? A landline is the obvious choice. But if we have problems with reflux, circulation in the legs or motors or simply if we love to watch TV or read a book before falling asleep, both the manual network (the head-leg lifting is done manually) and the motorized one (the control of the network easily via remote control) are the most interesting choices.

Motorized slatted bases? Double solution

Who has never dreamed of having a remote control in hand and “driving” his bed? The choice of having a motorized slatted base compared to a fixed slatted base must not derive only from a physical need and requirement but also from the desire to have a more comfortable and comfortable sleep.

By now all motorized slatted bases are composed of 2 motorsone for the head and one for the feet with the possibility of synchronizing the two movements. In a double bed, it is advisable to have 2 motorized slatted bases and consequently 2 single and independent mattresses so as to have maximum autonomy of movement.

But if we really get along very well with our partner and don’t want to give up a double mattress, then there is the synchronization kit for the slatted base: one pilot, one remote controltwo beds that move together… To rest everyone joyful and happy!

But be careful! Both manual bases and motorized slatted bases are not suitable for rigid mattresses, which do not fold and therefore cannot be coupled to spring mattresses!

Double slatted base and mattress

As we have seen, the network cannot do without a right mattress and vice versa. They are a winning combination! For this reason, they should not only be bought and changed together, but even tried togetherthe same mattress, in fact, tested on different networksis able to give different sensations and benefits! Start from the slatted base to build your bed system, ask an expert for advice on choosing the best type for your needs and from there start deciding on what type of mattress you would like to sleep on.

Would you like to find the ideal double slatted bed base?

We hope to have clarified some ideas on which double slatted bed base is best for your needs and above all for the comfort you are looking for for your optimal rest.


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