Natural products for insomnia

Let me guess, did you spend this night in white too? Hours and hours of turning around in bed so many times that you no longer knew where the sheets ended and you started it, right? Don’t panic! There are many natural products based on plant extracts to combat insomnia; the question at this point is: “How do you choose the right one?“.

Three, the perfect number

There are many products for insomnia; pay attention to those based on melatonin: it has important contraindications and limitations of use that we talk about in this other article. Fortunately, there are also many effective natural products, which have no side effects for your body.

We know: caught by the desire to sleep you just want to run to the herbalist’s shop to buy the first natural supplement you see: ALT! First learn these three simple steps that will help you in less than a minute to understand if what you have in your hands is really the best among the natural products for insomnia:

  1. How it’s done? Look for the list of ingredients: it is the list of all the components of that product, listed in descending order. In a quality natural supplement, plants are the masters and must be at the top of this ranking. If instead we find the excipients in the first places, we can begin to reflect on the real quality of that product… Don’t worry, we will tell you shortly which are the best herbs for sleeping that you need to look for in a natural product for insomnia. From the list of ingredients we can also see the type of raw material that was used, and this is where the final game is played: a quality supplement is based on titrated dry extracts, for example: Valerian root es tit. 0.8% valerenic. This wording means that the dry extract is much more concentrated than the original plant and that we can know with certainty the contribution of its active ingredient.
  2. The capsule is also important! Well, we have seen that the ingredients on the label are in the right order, what we need to see now is how the capsule containing them is made. The best are the vegetable ones, that is, made up of vegetable fibers that do not create problems of assimilation and are easy to digest. On the label, the vegetarian capsules are indicated in the list of ingredients with the name ” hydroxypropylmethylcellulose “.
  3. Beware of the container! We started from the inside and we get to the outside: look at the supplement you have in your hands or about which you are reading information, have you noticed the packaging? A natural and high quality product is stored in pharmaceutical grade dark glass bottles: this material is the only one that guarantees a long and optimal conservation of the product and its active ingredients; when you think about it, plastic is not very consistent with the concept of naturalness …

Why is it important to know all this? Let’s think about what we do when we have to buy an appliance or a mobile phone: we compare the technical data sheets and look for as much information as possible before making a choice. If we do it for an object external to us we should do it even more when the purchase concerns something we ingest, and which affects our health!

Hops: what you don’t expect to find in natural products for insomnia!

We now come to the heart of the question: what are the most effective plants that must be present in a good natural product for insomnia? Surely valerian, lime and lemon balm are the ones you’ve read most often next to the word “insomnia” and with good reason, as they are great for helping you fall asleep.

Here, however, we want to reveal one that perhaps you would never have associated with the world of Morpheus: have you ever heard of hops as a natural remedy for insomnia? Yes, just the one present in beer! More and more studies confirm that the flowers of this plant have an essential oil and other natural active ingredients capable of calming the nervous system and regulating sleep; moreover, there are substances in hops that are excellent for the hair as they stimulate its growth and strengthen the roots: when we say “the night makes you beautiful!” 

What is the best natural product for insomnia?

Ingredients in the right place, vegetable capsules, glass bottles and that different plant that can make the difference, all this in a single natural product created specifically to help achieve deep sleep: don’t you think it’s possible? Natural supplement based on Valerian, Linden, Hops and Escolzia that can really make you peace with the pillow!

We have already seen the beneficial effects of hops and the importance they have in a natural product for insomnia; let’s now take a look at the other plant extracts contained in Serena Notte: valerian and escolzia induce sleep in a sweet and natural way by reducing the times of falling asleep and decreasing nocturnal awakenings, while the linden has always been known as the plant that it acts better on tensive and emotional states.


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