Latex and memory pillow how to choose and wash it

A latex or memory pillow

Changing the pillow seems simple, but between pillows and natural pillows in feather, wool, cotton, linen and synthetics, how to choose the best pillow or the companion to rest in your bed is really a journey in a very wide offer. Among the most popular pillows for your bedroom are those in innovative and latest generation materials such as latex and memory.

The advantage of the memory pillow and latex is to adapt perfectly to our body, to our sleeping posture and to be able to better treat possible neck pains, such as neck pains. But if by now these qualities of these materials are known, how many know what they are really made of and how they should be preserved in an optimal way to make them last a long time?

The properties and differences between memory and latex

How many of us confuse memory with latex and latex with memory? Lots! But actually distinguishing them is not too complicatedthe differences in fact derive from the origin of the two materials and their properties.

Latex is totally natural, it derives from so-called evolved plants (due to their characteristics) and from fungi of the Lactarius type, due to this nature it is much more delicate to treat and preserve. In conservation there is a need for attention, maintenance and care and therefore it is not recommended for damp bedrooms. Among its advantages, however, there is that of offering support and comfort thanks to a high characteristic elasticity.

Memory is an artificial material and is characterized by being viscoelastic and thermosensitive, in a nutshell it has the property of adapting to the shape and temperature of the human body, ensuring maximum welcome and support, taking a sort of “memory” of those who use it. Not being natural, it is less delicate to use and therefore more suitable for every type of need and environment and  more durable over time.

Sheets and blankets

How many times have you heard the magic words “love, I’m hot” or “brrrr … how cold”?

Eternal clash is also between the different perception of temperature, there are those who are hot and those who are cold, how to avoid castles of blankets on one side and single sheet and bare legs even in January on the other?

There are many thermoregulating mattress covers that allow you to keep the body temperature constant in all seasons or even different duvets depending on the heat they can guarantee: lighter duvets (2 heat points) for the warmest ones and heavier duvets (5 points of heat) for the chilly. To have an overall solution, you can put them in a single duvet cover! And that’s it.

6 tips to ensure a long life for the pillow and to maintain it

1.  NEVER EXPOSE THEM TO THE SUN: both the memory and the latex must not be exposed outside the window! Here are the drawbacks:

-the latex, as it is natural, crumbles when exposed to the sun and from a whole pillow risks becoming just crumbs!

– the memory does not disintegrate but it could produce unpleasant yellowish spots and above all it could dry up and lose its valuable characteristic of “slow memory” no longer welcoming as it should!

So on sunny Sundays, throw out rugs, duvets, blankets, but not pillows!

2.  DO NOT WASH THEM IN THE WASHING MACHINE: even if the compulsive desire to wash everything around us takes hold of us, let’s stop in front of our pillows! The latex risks becoming a meatball while the memory is washed yes.. but it does not dry, with the risk of always having a nice damp neck.

3.  CHOOSE QUALITY CUSHIONS WITH ITALIAN AND NON-TOXIC MATERIALS: pay attention to the origin of the materials! Poor, unsecured and non-certified materials can be hidden behind the words “latex” and “memory”.

4.  CHOOSE CUSHIONS WITH BREATHABLE HOLES: the holes allow greater breathability to the cushion and therefore greater passage of air. The less moisture in the pillow, the longer the life of our pillow

5.  PROTECT THEM WITH CHEEK COVERS: fundamental is the protection and therefore the dressing of the pillow. Choosing good pillow covers, breathable, anti-mite, washable and perhaps patented against excessive sweating, will help our “headrest” to remain clean and intact for as long as possible.

6.  AIRING THE BEDROOM AS MUCH AS POSSIBLE: let’s forget the efforts of our mothers and grandmothers to drag heavy mattresses and spread the pillows in the garden or on the balcony. All of this is not necessary! Just air the bedroom every morning for at least 5/10 minutes or alternatively a whole day.

In conclusion…

Do you want to keep your beloved pillows healthy? Now you know what to do to extend his life… and if unfortunately the damage is done and irremediable, all you have to do is do a good test “in the field” and find the most suitable pillow for your rest, at the Mattress Center you can find it for all tastes!


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