Is Valerian is really useful for sleep?

A good restful sleep regenerates us, makes us start the day with an extra gear, helps us to live our commitments with energy and fully enjoy the pleasures of life. We all know how important a restful sleep is and how it affects our daily life.

If we can’t sleep well at night, we wake up tired, sore, lacking in physical and mental energy. If the body does not regenerate properly during the night we find ourselves living, day after day, with increasing fatigue. And this limits all our activities, making us more lazy and more listless, confused and inattentive. So it happens that we don’t even know how to enjoy the beautiful things that happen to us during the day because the sense of asthenia and fatigue assails us.

There are some natural remedies to facilitate sleep, such as valerian for example. Other remedies and techniques are proposed in our previous article:  10 ways to fall asleep easily. The question we ask here is: are these remedies really useful for sleep? How do they induce sleep and how do they affect our body?

The causes that prevent good sleep

Our body is a perfect biological machine. We hear that often, right? That’s right, that’s it. It is a perfect machine and at the same time very articulated, so it is necessary to know it well to take care of it. There are many reasons why you are unable to get a good, restful sleep.

It is not always obvious to say: “take a natural remedy like valerian to have a better sleep”! This is because the causes that can prevent good sleep are different and must be treated differently. Let’s start to distinguish the ways of sleep or the ways in which sleep difficulty manifests itself: in which of these cases do you recognize yourself?

  • You struggle to sleep when you go to bed, stay awake for minutes, sometimes hours, before you can sink into a good sleep;
  • You fall asleep easily but wake up during the night, one or more times;
  • Sleep a very light sleep that is interrupted with every little noise;
  • You can get a good sleep until late at night but in the early hours of the morning, even before the sun rises, you wake up and there is no hope of going back to sleep.

These different ways of sleep deprivation have different origins and need different treatments. The first step is to identify the way in which the lack of sleep manifests itself and then to understand its meaning.

For example, if the awakenings occur at the same time every night, it means that, on an energetic level, there is an organ in our body that is not working properly and interrupts our sleep. In this case a remedy like valerian would not lead to great results.

When is it useful to take valerian?

In all other cases, when it is difficult to sleep or wake up frequently, it means that our mind does not let go of its guard even at night and prevents us from having a restful and regenerating sleep.

In these cases, help from nature is very useful because it acts on the axis of stress and tension, regenerating the nervous system and limiting mental brooding. Valerian, a natural extract, is a cure-all on these occasions ! It is a remedy that nature offers us, it acts immediately and helps to reconcile sleep.

Why is valerian useful in these cases? Because it acts on the nervous system, lowering the tensions and stress levels that make our mind and thoughts go to a thousand and, thanks to its active ingredients, induces a sedative action for the achievement of a deep rest. In these cases it is therefore much more suitable than melatonin, with known side effects.

Valerian thus becomes an effective natural remedy to enjoy a satisfying and regenerating sleep in a totally natural way. 


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