Insomnia in pregnancy

Soon you will become a mother, when you found out the news you almost couldn’t believe it, but that’s it. Your dream of having a family will soon come true. Too bad you haven’t been able to sleep for a few nights and this makes you particularly nervous. After a while you have also begun to understand that taking it out on your partner, who instead sleeps blissfully, will not help. Every now and then you start to think that when the baby is born, it will be a breeze in comparison! Insomnia in pregnancy is a very common problem among expectant mothers, and its cause is the increase in certain hormone levels and the change in your emotional state.

Because let’s be honest, it’s normal to have a little anxiety, a child is definitely a huge change in a person’s life and being upset is absolutely normal.

In this article we will see together what your sleepless nights depend on and which natural remedies can help you rest better:

The causes of insomnia in the first trimester of pregnancy

A baby takes 37 weeks from conception to be born. It takes about 280 days for the future unborn child to develop all its organs and be able to be born.

Throughout this period you are the one who will provide him with the oxygen and nutrition he needs. The task is certainly not a small one and represents an overload for the female organism.

During pregnancy all of your organs, kidneys, liver, lungs, and the circulatory and digestive systems will also replace your baby’s respective organs. So if you feel tired and just want to rest it’s not just normal: you have every reason.

During this time, progesterone levels rise causing discomfort such as:

  • Increased body temperature
  • Feeling of having to go to the bathroom more frequently
  • Huge sense of fatigue
  • Breast tenderness

All ailments that certainly do not help you rest peacefully, not to mention nausea, which can accompany you all day, even taking away your appetite.

What can you do? Learn to listen to your body, if you feel tired rested and if you have the possibility, take a few naps, but do not overdo it. Empty your bladder often and snack on crackers or breadsticks, nausea attacks more on an empty stomach, remember!

To relax you can take a walk outdoors or talk to your gynecologist who will help you choose the most suitable physical activity for your new needs. Pilates and Yoga are among the most practiced activities by pregnant women and if done regularly they will help you release tensionstrengthen the pelvic floor and set up good breathing, a technique that could also be useful in the delivery room.

But please do not practice alone, but under the guidance of a qualified teacher who can understand the specific needs of the period and your body.

The causes of insomnia in the second trimester: yet it moves!

During the second trimester the nausea disappears but other ailments make rest a mirage. Stress and the baby affect the quality of sleep during this period. Yes, you read that right! In these weeks the little one begins to make himself felt with slight movements, in fact he is already asleep and every now and then he fidgets. And perhaps the thrill of hearing it makes sleeping a little more difficult.

My advice to better face the second trimester is to focus on any activity that can relax you, such as listening to the music you like best, going out for a walk, reading a good book and indulging in some relaxing rituals, like sipping an herbal tea: excellent in this period Melissa is revealed, used to promote relaxation and facilitate digestion.

Another great idea is a hot bath, perhaps enriched with a few drops of essential oil.

Mandarin, lavender, chamomile and rose are the 4 essential oils that are safe for mom and baby. Mandarin essential oil (red and not green) can also be used for a relaxing massage: just a few drops diluted in a vegetable oil of your choice. And if you have a few drops left after pregnancy, you can use it to massage the baby and promote your understanding.

The causes of insomnia in the last trimester: the baby bump!

Oh yes let’s face it, the only one responsible for insomnia in recent weeks is him: the baby bump!

Now the baby no longer weighs grams, but kilograms and the weight makes itself felt. Carrying it around all day causes a lot of pain in the back and legs, which will tend to swell.

Finding a comfortable position to rest seems like a difficult and tiring undertaking. The most recommended is certainly the one on the left side, with the legs slightly bent. If you want, you can support the weight of the baby bump with the help of a pillow and put one also between the knees.

Insomnia in pregnancy: natural remedies for moms who don’t sleep

Dear mom who are reading this article, we know how hard and tiring this period is for you, we also know that every now and then you will feel discouraged and terribly tired, so we can tell you not to be afraid to ask for help when you feel you can’t do it. Let yourself be helped by those around you, take care of yourself and carve out your space to relax.

Try to follow a healthy diet and in the evening try to have light meals that will not strain your digestion or aggravate nausea or reflux. Choose foods rich in iron and proteins to counteract the feeling of exhaustion. Before going to bed, drink a cup of warm milk sweetened with honey.

Milk is rich in tryptophan and magnesium, which act on the nervous system by reducing agitation and facilitating sleep. The organic ones made from cow’s milk, rice or oats are excellent. On the other hand, Soya, which could have an exciting effect or bring unwanted hormones, should be excluded.

In the event that even these small precautions fail to give you a little relaxation, talk to your doctor to evaluate whether it is appropriate to let yourself be helped by some medicinal plant. Valerian and Linden after the third trimester could become your best allies in the war against insomnia and give you a quiet night, free from awakening.

There are many natural remedies to sleep better. But remember that up to the third month, not only drugs are not recommended, but also the use of herbal remedies, which is why in this period you must always ask your doctor before taking any product.


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