Insomnia in menopause: natural remedies for a good night’s sleep

Another hard day’s work is over. Your husband has been asleep for a while lying on the sofa (lucky him!). Finally after taking care of the house you managed to get into bed. The body is tired and so are you, but sleep just doesn’t come. You toss and turn in bed overwhelmed by nighttime hot flashes. You find yourself oppressed by one of the problems that almost all women after 45 have to deal with: insomnia in menopause! If your question is “are there any natural remedies to get a good night’s sleep when you are in menopause?” In this article you will find the answer.

Insomnia and menopause: all the fault of hormones!

Sleep disturbances during menopause are a common and important problem faced by many women, to be exact the percentage is around 50%.

There are many factors that can play a role in this problem, including vasomotor symptoms and changes in hormone levels, which generate abnormal circadian rhythms, aggravation of primary insomnia, mood disturbances. Whether it’s true insomnia or not, what changes for everyone is the quality of sleep. The feeling in the morning is that you have not rested at all. Sometimes you feel more tired than when you went to sleep.

But what does this change depend on? The cause of sleep disturbances is the drop in hormone levels. Our endocrine glands start producing less estrogen and progesterone; with them the levels of serotonin and melatonin also decrease. The normal sleep-wake rhythm is thus modified and problems such as insomnia and hot flashes begin, linked by an indissoluble bond.

As you may have noticed, as punctual as a clock, hot flashes love to show up at night, altering the REM sleep phase: the one in which you dream, thus causing (as if that were not enough) even small memory problems. As a study shows us, the REM phase is very important for fixing memories. So remembering things is easier if you can sleep through the night.

Fortunately, in nature there are many remedies to better deal with this delicate phase of life and overcome the ailments that characterize it. Let’s see which ones together.

Menopause what to take to sleep better and relieve ailments

This point in the article you are wondering “But then, what to take to sleep better?”. How to calm the restlessness of the night and overcome sleep difficulties? Is there anything really effective against menopausal disorders?” The answer is yes, and it comes from Nature.

In fact, there are very effective natural remedies capable of restoring the hormonal balance altered by menopause. As we have seen, during this phase, it is not only the level of estrogen that falls, but also that of progesterone. If you really want to solve the problem, it is good to be able to bring both of them back into balance.

Most of the supplements on the market only act on estrogen. This is why after a while you hire them it is as if they did nothing and you feel like you are going back to where you started. Take soy for example, it contains only phytoestrogens, which are also not easily assimilated by our body. It is also often genetically modified, which is one of the reasons we don’t recommend it.

The best solution, on the other hand, is to take a supplement that contains plants capable of acting both at an estrogenic level, such as Red Clover and Kudzu, very rich in isoflavones, and at a progestin level, such as Dioscorea, which with its active diosgenin, is in able to restore the most complete stability in this delicate and beautiful phase of life.

The titrated dry extracts of these plants, combined with those of Verbena and Angelica sinensis, a supplement created and designed for us women and for all our needs, which you can take as you feel the first symptoms and for a prolonged time, being based on very well tolerated plant components.

You can take it the titrated dry extracts of Valerian, Escolzia, Hops and Linden is able to improve the quality of sleep, promote relaxation and allow a gratifying night’s rest.

Hope this article has been helpful to you and that you will soon rediscover all the pleasure of peaceful sleep, because sleep is one of the most important things in life.


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