How to select Spring mattress

Which spring mattress to buy?

Do you have to change the mattress and immediately start the search for opinions on mattresses, better memory foam or springs? What choice is better for a double or single mattress? Which one to choose: a classic one with traditional springs or one with pocket springs? And if you want springs and also memory, do you know that today there are hybrid mattresses with springs and memory foam layers? Let’s find out more about how to choose a spring mattress, single or double.

A matter of springs…

The spring is a spring… Not really, not all springs are the same and right nowadays the difference between two types of springs emerges: traditional springs and pocket springs.

The first mattresses invented after the wool mattresses were those with traditional springs, called bonnel. Traditional spring mattresses, ie wide springsbound to each other and acting simultaneously, are known by all as orthopedic mattresses, those that “are good for the back because they are hard to keep the posture straight”. This concept was true until many years ago when the only existing spring was this. It is also true that these springs have been modified and improved but in any case this spring is now chosen only because it is cheap.

But what has innovation developed? It led to the overcoming of the “very rigid means healthy” concept and led to the birth of independent springs also known as pocket springs.

These springs, smaller than traditional springs, guarantee a perfect balance of the whole mattress and a support that has no equal. They also offer greater comfort because, thanks to the distribution in 7 differentiated zones, they accommodate the shoulders more than the pelvis. They are very long-lasting and, often, guaranteed anti-sinking.

Why choose springs for your mattress

How to choose then? To the question “better memory or springs?” there is only one way to answer: there is no absolute best mattress but the best mattress for each of us! What does it mean? It means that the choice of the mattress and therefore, in this case, the spring mattress depends on a series of factors that should not be underestimated:

  • Body weight: the spring is recommended to offer maximum support and therefore is recommended for so-called “non-feather” weights that need support for perfect body posture.
  • Reactivity: the typical springing of the spring mattress is irreplaceable. Those who love to feel the action of the springs that lower and that rise with the action of our body and those who love an optimal rigid support, choose the spring and not the memory. It almost feels like a child again, when as a child we jumped on that mattress that made us blow up so much!
  • Breathability: The spring mattress, as the spring is empty inside, allows maximum air circulation and maximum hygiene. It is recommended as a cooler mattress for those who suffer from the heat and have constant sweating problems

Springs or memory? Springs and memory!

But what if you wanted the support of the springs and the hospitality of the memory foam together? It can be done? Of course yes, indeed, it is a very popular solution especially for supporters of springs who do not give up the enveloping memory that pleasantly attenuates the thrust of the springs. The category of hybrid mattresses can be presented in medium-sustained and medium-soft bearing capacities depending on how much memory and how many springs are contained in the mattress. It is logical that the more springs and the more memory there are, the more the mattress softens and the more comfortable it becomes.

You just have to try them to understand the difference!


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