How to Select headboard for your bed

Which headboard to choose for your mattress

Are you renovating your bedroom and undecided on which headboard to buy? In the meantime, we distinguish between a double headboard, one and a half or single, then all that remains is to disentangle between materials and structure with a very rich offer being able to choose between headboard in woodwrought iron or container, fabric and eco-leather.

Headboard in fabric, padded and eco-leather

This category, to date, is the most in vogue and therefore the most purchased. Typically an almost exclusive choice for the double bed, in this world we can get crazy with colors, with fabrics and above all with the design of the headboard. From the classic style is the  padded headboard that is with the typical buttons that give the whole a pompous and romantic style typical of Ancient Rome.

On the other hand, the smooth headboard is timeless, without any particular processing, practical, removable, easy to clean because the dust does not get trapped anywhere. The headboard with cushions is increasingly trendy. Appreciated for their children’s bedrooms, adults also like it for its modern and youthful style but above all for its comfort: the padded cushions allow you to have a comfortable support to support your back while watching TV or reading the evening book before sleep!

Curiosity that many do not know: there are headboards that have built-in lights that replace the lampshade with various degrees of lighting intensity to be able to read without disturbing your sleep partner.

Headboard in wood

The wooden headboard is recommended for those who love minimal, a valid solution for both the double bed and the one and a half and single bed. Clean, essential, geometric lines, with a clean cut, wooden beds (it is a melamine able to last over time and to have a more practical lightness than solid wood) are the solution that will never fade. The most popular colors? Surely not the brown or cherry that were so fashionable in the 80s but the whitegray and dove gray. The wooden bed is mostly bought by those who want to buy a cheaper and simpler bed than the upholstered one.

Wrought iron headboard

An evergreen that never sets, a classic for both double and single beds and large single beds. It was the preferred solution of our grandparents, in the combination with a central rosette, knobs at the ends, worked flowers and more or less rich design. Despite the long tradition, the wrought iron headboard is progressively returning to the rescue: the shapes have been modernized, the colors are not only gold but black and white, in such a way as to be able to combine such a bed, in “Poor art” even with environments more projected towards the present and the future. The iron headboard is chosen by lovers of vintage and retro… also because, as they say, and it’s true, everything is back in fashion !!!

Which headboard for the bed to choose then?

In short, there is something for all tastes in terms of headboard for double, single and large square sizes and the main reasons for choice are related to practicality or style. The headboard is the one that gives personality and tone to the bedroom, so it must be chosen with care and “touched” to imagine it in your bedroom before buying it.


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