How to sanitize the mattress

A series of tips to effectively clean and sanitize the mattress by eliminating mites, bacteria, dust and dead skin residues.

Initially, we didn’t think it was important to clean the mattress of the bed where we sleep, but we have found that it can hide a number of health pitfalls, such as the presence of bacteriamitesdead skin residues or simply dust.

In the past we thought that to have a good level of hygiene it was enough to wash sheets, blankets and pillows, but that’s not the case. This is because, being microscopic in size, mites and bacteria have no problems crossing the fabrics until they settle and accumulate on the mattress.

The only solution is to thoroughly sanitize the mattress as well. But how to do without ruining it? The following is direct experience in cleaning and sanitizing the mattress at home.

Sanitize the mattress at home properly

Before talking about how to sanitize the mattress, it is good to underline some common aspects to be carried out periodically, once a week.

In addition to washing sheets and pillow cases, it is a good idea to also wash the mattress cover in the washing machine at a minimum temperature of 60° with the addition of an antibacterial product, thus sanitizing it effectively. Even the use of an iron can be a good solution to eliminate microorganisms on the mattress cover, the high temperature kills them permanently.

Let’s now move on to what interests most, namely the sanitization of the mattress. There are various steps that have performed and that recommend to carry out for a final result in terms of sanitation.

We started by lifting the mattress and shaking it with a carpet beater, this procedure takes away some of the accumulated mites and skin particles. It is obviously advisable to do it in the open air, but it is also good indoors with the windows open. Subsequently we proceeded to pass the vacuum cleaner, to remove further residues of dust and mites on the surface.

If you have an appliance that produces dry steam at high temperatures, you can pass it on the surface of the mattress to kill any remaining mites and bacteria.

After vacuuming or applying dry steam, a completely natural method to sanitize the mattress is to expose it for a few hours under the direct sun, you should know that the sun’s rays have a strong sterilizing action thanks to the presence of UV rays in their particle beam.

Currently the simplest system to sanitize the mattress is the use of a mattress beater with a UV lamp, in essence it is an aspiration system equipped with an ultraviolet lamp capable of destroying bacteria and viruses.

Among the various alternative sanitizing procedures of the mattress, we also tried the use of bicarbonate, a substance with good sanitizing and sanitizing properties. It can be used in two ways, dry, i.e. by sprinkling the entire surface of the mattress and leaving it to act for a few hours, or alternatively, by wetting a piece with a solution of bicarbonate and hot water and then gently dabbing the surface of the mattress.

The degree of sanitization that obtained with these cleaning operations was good: a mattress without bad smells, stains, mites, dust and dead skin residues.

If your mattress has deep stains, especially if from pee, the best option could be to replace it with a new model, the same applies if you find yourself in the presence of hollows in the surface, attributable to a structural failure of the device.

In summary, the methods for sanitizing the mattress are:

  • Shake it with a carpet beater in the open air
  • Vacuum its surface
  • Use high temperature dry steam
  • Go over it with an iron
  • Expose it to direct sun
  • Dab it with baking soda


Before applying any of the sanitation procedures, it is good to check the type of mattress you have at home. Unlike the old models, the new latex or memory foam mattresses are much more delicate and can be damaged if exposed to high temperatures or certain substances. For this reason, before carrying out the procedures described, send an email to the mattress manufacturer, in order to avoid damaging it.

A series of tips to effectively clean and sanitize the mattress by eliminating mites, bacteria, dust and dead skin residues.


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