How to increase stiffness of mattress

To rest well, it is important that the mattress you sleep on is comfortable and suitable for your needs, neither too soft nor too rigid. This way your body has the right support during the night and you can avoid unpleasant ailments when you wake up.

We have already seen what to do in case of a mattress that is too hard, but how to stiffen a mattress that is too soft? In this article we analyze the causes of this inconvenience and the remedies to correct excessive softness.

Too soft mattress: what are the causes?

If you are in doubt that your mattress is too soft, do this test: when you lie down, do you feel like you are sinking? Do you find it difficult to turn from side to side? If so, it really means that your mattress is too soft for you!

The causes of an excessively soft mattress can be different, depending on whether the product is old or new.

In the case of an old or heavily used mattress, it means that the product has lost its properties and is no longer able to offer you the right support. Over time the mattresses, both the classic spring mattresses and those made of other materials (especially if of poor quality), no longer guarantee the performance they had at the time of purchase.

If, on the other hand, you have just brought your new mattress home and after trying it a few nights it already feels very soft, you have probably bought the wrong product. It may happen that you incorrectly evaluate the consistency of the mattress and find yourself with a support that is not suitable for your needs.

Back pain and consequences of too soft mattress

Before looking at the possible remedies to correct a mattress that is too soft, let’s see what the consequences of sleeping on a surface that makes you sink can be.

It is important to point out that the ideal hardness of the mattress depends on your characteristics and your needs: there is no “right” mattress ever, you have to listen to the signals of your body and understand what is right for you!

That said, a mattress that is too soft does not adequately support the weight and causes you to assume an incorrect posture while you sleep, resulting in neck pain and back pain.

This is particularly important in the case of people with weight problems: there are in fact special mattresses for overweight people, made in such a way as to last over time and guarantee an excellent rest even if subjected to strong stresses.

Furthermore, spending the night on a surface that is too soft can lead to frequent interruptions of rest and restless sleep, with fatigue and lack of clarity during the day.

The remedies to correct the mattress that is too soft

Did you realize that your mattress is too soft? Don’t despair! Fortunately, there are some solutions you can try to correct your mattress and find a peaceful rest.

And if the remedies don’t work, there’s always the option to buy the perfect product for you by following our tips!

Solutions to stiffen the mattress

To correct a mattress that is too soft, there are three alternatives to try, which depend on the condition of the product and how deformed the surface is.

A somewhat artisanal remedy that can improve the consistency of your mattress is to act at the frame level, inserting a few wooden or plywood boards between the bed base and the mattress to stiffen it.

If the first option is not enough, try to control the temperature and humidity of the room: sometimes the condition of the room also affects the stiffness of the mattress. Excessive heat and high humidity can change the texture of the materials: to reduce softness, reduce the temperature and expose the mattress to the sun for a few hours.

Finally, an excellent solution to correct the mattress that is too soft is to add a Memory Foam topper. Especially if the mattress is new, this remedy increases its rigidity and allows you to obtain an anatomical surface that supports your body, thanks to the 5 centimeter plate.

Antibacterial and hypoallergenic, the topper exists in two variants: the classic Memory Foam topper and the super breathable Memory Gel Breeze topper.

When to replace the mattress that is too soft

If you’ve tried all the solutions but your mattress is still too soft, it’s probably time to change it. Especially if the product is old and in use for a long time, it could be broken through and continue to buckle and bend under your weight, despite the remedies.

In this case you can carefully evaluate the choice of the new mattress and select one that is comfortable and perfect for you!

The right mattress for the comfort of your back

As we have seen, a mattress that is too soft is not always good for your health! How to choose the right mattress? What is the best mattress for the back?

Much depends on your characteristics, how you sleep and what you want. Take a look on mattresses for heavy people, mattresses for those suffering from cervical or herniated discs and, why not, low cost mattresses!


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