How to disinfect a mattress: complete guide

How to disinfect your beloved mattress?

It may happen that you have to disinfect a mattress from stains, blood, children’s pee or the simple presence of mites, but how to disinfect the mattress in a safe and perhaps natural way? Every night for many years we sleep in the same bed and therefore with the passage of time it may happen that we have to disinfect the mattress. Let’s see together how to disinfect and save our mattress, bringing it back to a condition of hygiene, health, well-being and cleanliness!

When to disinfect the mattress…

We cannot sanitize and disinfect the mattress or wash the cover every day. But this is necessary when there are stains, dirt, strange smells, ideally procedures to be done when the sun is shining outside to quickly dry the freshly washed mattress cover and air the inside. In addition to these emergency cases, when dirt knocks on our door after 2/3 years or even after 10 years from the purchase of the mattress it is necessary to disinfect, there are solutions to keep the mattress clean and sanitized.

As mentioned, the mattress should not be cleaned every day, it is better to sanitize it over timeevery year it would be appropriate to take out our mattresswash the cover and make it new again, free from mites. In fact, even if they are not visible to the naked eye, mites tend to insexorably nestle in our “nest”, so it is better to prevent their spread with periodic washing to defect.

The sterilization and disinfestation of the mattress

Our grandmothers used so-called natural remedies to get rid of impurities. Put the mattress outside on the balcony and bang it as hard as possible to clean it. Even today there are those who use natural remedies such as baking soda or tea tree oil, a powerful natural disinfectant found in herbal medicine or vacuum cleaners, as a weapon against mites.

It costs nothing to try and do it constantly but it does not remove the mites effectively and forever. To disinfect something more technical is needed which sterilizes the mattress, which kills all bacteria and makes our beloved mattress look like new: this process is called STERILIZATION.

Sterilization is a sanitation system recognized by the Ministry of Health that allows you to eliminate 99.9% of mites, bacteria, molds, viruses, fungi from your mattress. It is so effective that it is used in surgical clinics to neutralize all forms of bacterial and viral contagion.

This procedure uses ozone which neutralizes any surface and rooted bacteria in the mattress. This sterilization is certified by a stamp and can be carried out both on the new and old mattress and on the pillows and on the whole room! Just make use of professionals who have the appropriate tools.

Tips for disinfecting and having a sanitized mattress:

In addition to this professional sanitation system. It’s always good:

  • choose to purchase a removable and washable mattress;
  • choose to buy a mattress with silver in the fabric, a very important deterrent for mites
  • embellish and protect the mattress with special anti – mite mattress covers
  • ventilate the room every morning or even several times a day
  • change the mattress every, maximum, 10 years and the pillows every 3/4 years

How to recognize the presence of mites

Obviously, the mites  are not seen with the naked eye. They are microscopic and being such  we always think that our mattress is free from these little enemies of ours.

Certainly you do not need to wait for them at the gate to have to start sanitizing our mattress or even to change it! Do we sneeze, our eyes become red and shiny, swollen, our throats burn, do we have a cough or asthma? Here is one of the symptoms to recognize the presence of mites is allergy. Those with allergies immediately feel whether a product has been sanitized or not.

Do you need to disinfect your mattress?

With our advice we hope to help you disinfect and sanitize your mattress, for your well-being in the bedroom. You can contact us both for the sterilization of your bed system (we have the ozone machine) and for the choice of a hypoallergenic, anti-mite and safe mattress!


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