How to choose the best slatted base for your mattress


Which slatted base do I choose? Which is the best? Better steel or wooden nets? Better narrow or wide slats? How much does the slatted base affect the support and ergonomics of the mattress? These are some of the questions we ask ourselves most frequently. Below we will try to shed some light on the world of slatted bed bases and the different variants.

When and how to change the mattress, little importance is often given to the bed base, considering it a marginal element: it is thought that, although old, it can still be fine, that it does not greatly affect rest and that the support is provided exclusively from the mattress. For the sake of correctness of information, it is right to know that an unsuitable base can affect the characteristics of the mattress, giving the sensation that it is stiffer or softer than when it was tried in the shop, up to significantly reducing the life of the mattress. There are many types of nets on the market today, with wooden or metal structures and with wide or narrow slats, cushioned or adjustable. The bed base, the first support for our body and its movements during the night, is one of the fundamental elements for a good rest: it supports us, shapes itself according to the body structure and completes the work of the mattress, following our physiological curves. Together with the mattress and pillow, it creates the bed system.

Let’s start with the structure: which is the most suitable between steel and wood?

The difference between the two materials is purely aesthetic and does not affect the technical and ergonomic characteristics of the bed base.

The wooden frame can be appreciated more for those who prefer to leave the structure in sight, harmony in the materials, for ecological reasons and because it allows a greater discharge of electromagnetic fields.

The iron frame can have a stronger impact on the eye but with some small tricks and details such as the rounded corners, the high end and soft colors such as gray – even an iron bed base can become aesthetically pleasing and usable even without a sommier. It is usually preferred in cases where the same is inserted inside the bed. 

As far as the frame is concerned, the most important technical feature is the height, the higher the frame the more robust the bed base will be and will adequately support the slats.

As for wood, today we produce bed bases with beech or birch slats… which one to choose?

The choice of wood used for the slats is very important.

Beech is the finest wood, the most elastic, the most resistant and therefore the most durable over time. It is recognized by its darker color.

The birch, on the other hand, used for the construction of economic nets and very often for bed nets with the low-cost storage box, last less over time.

And what about the size of the slats?

The main slat widths are as follows:

Stave of 6.8 cm

The classic 6.8 cm wide slat called orthopedic, offers a more rigid support over the entire support surface. It is the so-called universal slat, suitable for all mattresses including spring mattresses, heavier and more rigid. This type can also include, in the pelvis area, double slats with sliders for regulating the rigidity that make the bed base more ergonomic and reinforced suitable for independent spring and foam mattresses but above all for people with a significant weight.

3.8 cm stave

Its particular size makes this support very ergonomic and, by reducing the distance between the slats, it guarantees perfect support for the mattress. These slats, also with sliders for adjusting the stiffness in the pelvis area, have amortized slat holders: this allows for optimal ergonomics and greater comfort in the shoulder area. A foam (memory) or latex mattress is recommended on this structure.

In fact, memory and latex are the materials that are most able to adapt perfectly to the one on which they are placed, absorbing all the peculiar characteristics of the underlying network.

Slats with plates: what are their characteristics?

Our collection also includes slats with plates: this type of support is by far the most ergonomic, with a flexibility of 360 ° for a perfect adaptation to the curves of the body. The same can be used on the entire support surface of the network or only on the shoulder and pelvis area for greater comfort. We also recommend a foam (memory) or latex mattress for the plate base.

Networks with and without shock absorbers

Other elements of the net are also to be considered: the lateral shock absorbers. The application of these supports to the slatted base allows greater “cushioning”  of the entire bed system as the supports soften the movements of the body and make the network and mattress a system that adapts perfectly to the body of the person lying down.

Slatted frames without supports are more rigid and static and provide more firm support. In this case the elasticity and the ability to adapt to the mattress is given only by the curvature of the slat.

The choice to apply the supports or not depends mainly on our personal preferences and needs or on particular physical ailments.

Fixed, manual or motorized networks

Another feature that can be taken into consideration when buying a bed base is the possibility of having a fixed, manual or motorized bed base.

The manual net allows you to manually adjust the inclination of the head and leg areas. Excellent for watching TV or reading a book before bed or for dealing with clinical, reflux or circulation problems more peacefully.

The motorized base, through a convenient remote control, allows you to adjust height and inclination through 2 motors: one for the head and one for the feet with the possibility of synchronizing the two movements. The more advanced models are equipped with stiffness sliders for the lumbar area and ergonomic plates for the shoulder area. The motorized and medical device networks are also tax deductible.

In reiterating how much the network is a fundamental element in the composition of an adequate bed system. Our experts will be happy to recommend the most suitable product and best suited to your needs and situations.


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