How to choose the best Mattress For Children

Children: our first loyal customers! The mattress for the child’s bed is important that it has certain characteristics: it must guarantee the baby a good rest, as well as support the structure of the body in the best possible way. In this article we will explain how to choose the best baby mattress.

For “sweet dreams” it is appropriate:

  • choose mattresses at least 12 cm high;
  • check that on the same, especially on the side where the child sleeps, there are no laces, strings, buttons, holes and bows that could be bitten and swallowed by the child;
  • purchase a mattress that matches the dimensions of the base and therefore of the cradle (the space between the edge of the mattress and the cradle itself must be only a couple of centimeters, in order to avoid the risk of accidental suffocation);
  • prefer a model with removable covers, for a hygienic factor;
  • always cover the mattress with a silver fiber, bamboo fiber or viscose cover to protect it from humidity and dirt. This also prevents the baby from inhaling dust;
  • avoid cleaning the mattress with steam machines; the humidity that is created could become an ideal place for the formation of mites;
  • check that the cot mattresses and the materials used comply with the strictest safety standards and regulations.

Which mattress to choose for a newborn? Is a hard or soft product better?

For newborns, as for us adults, rest is fundamental and very important to better face the day. Many times, when we choose a mattress for babies, we pay a lot of attention to the coverings, leaving out the padding, that is the “heart” of our mattress. In this regard, it is good to prefer a mattress with a uniform structure and with a medium sustained bearing capacity; this guarantees the baby a correct posture, a good support of the bone structure and helps to prevent pathologies affecting the spinal column and spinal discs. A surface that is too soft easily adapts to the shape of the child, increasing the risk of suffocation

What is the most suitable model for a growing child?

Up to the age of 3, a medium-firm mattress should be preferred, for the reasons specified above; subsequently, considering the different needs for rest, it is better to evaluate a more welcoming support that is able to support and, at the same time, follow the curves of the body.

What are the types on the market?

While for an adult the choice of mattress is easier and there are several models available on the market, for a child the situation is completely different. Attention to your child is never enough and you try to take care of his growth in every aspect: from nutrition to physical well-being to rest. Here are the two models we recommend for our small customers:

Waterfoam and Memory Foam mattresses

The most suitable and used for baby cots and beds. They are produced with sheets of polyurethane foam, an ergonomic material that also guarantees good support. They have breathable bands and special anti-mite and hypoallergenic coatings.

Latex mattresses

They are made entirely with natural materials (100% latex) and therefore completely hypoallergenic. With their elasticity they are ideal for ensuring a good rest for both children and adults.

Which pillows are suitable for a baby?

The concept of comfort and posture for a newborn is very different from that of an adult. When the baby is still in the cot, it is preferable not to use pillows, as suggested by the pediatrician; this is because the pillow could pose a great choking hazard for the little one. You can start thinking about a pillow from 2 years of life of the child (when the shoulders are wider than the head) or when the same begins to sleep in the cot. However, to understand when the little one is ready to use a pillow, observe the signals that he spontaneously sends you: he could rest the head on the soft toy, on the blanket or on the pillow of his brother.

Children’s pillow: the size and the model

The dimensions of the children’s pillows are smaller than the standard ones and are around 30cm x 50cm. In the choice of the pillow you can choose a rigid and low or high and soft model, padded with natural or synthetic hypoallergenic materials and covered with fresh and breathable cotton. Instead, avoid giving the baby more than one pillow as it could overlap them and create too high a support for his small growing neck.


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