How often should the mattress be turned over?

To increase the duration of a mattress it is necessary to carry out routine maintenance interventions and this includes the periodic rotation of the mattress.

Often they are operations performed by hearsay or because it was what we saw our parents or grandparents doing with old spring mattresses. In this article try to explain what are the real reasons for reversing the side of use or simply rotating the mattress 180 degrees, as well as understanding if they are always feasible interventions.

Why rotate or flip the mattress?

First of all, it should be noted that not all models can be reversed. In this regard, it is always necessary to refer to the manufacturer’s instructions or ask the seller for information.

Many mattresses are made with a summer and a winter side to be chosen according to the temperature. Other models, on the other hand, have particular internal structures and require only one side of use. For example, almost all the latest generation memory foam mattresses are no flip, meaning we can rest only on one side.

For the rotation of 180 degrees the speech is simpler since, usually, there are no contraindications and most of the models allow it. However, always suggest that you pay attention, especially in the presence of memory foam mattresses.

Continuous innovations have led to the creation of viscoelastic foams with special conformations in order to support the head and feet in a differentiated way. Usually labels are inserted to highlight the presence of two zones with different characteristics.

Net of these considerations, the reason why the mattress is overturned and rotated is to uniform consumption. Alternating the sides and inverting the head area with that foot area allows the stresses to be distributed equally over all the layers of foam or springs.

By doing this we extend the life of the mattress and at the same time benefit from a comfortable support. The latter is the most important aspect since it means always maintaining a correct alignment of the spine and avoiding the onset of back problems or muscle pain.

Is it better to flip or rotate the mattress?

There is no answer to this question as there are multiple factors involved. The most influential concern the type of mattress and the materials with which it is made. There are models with only one side of use in which the only way to obtain a gradual consumption is by rotation.

Other mattresses, on the other hand, could benefit from both interventions. In any case, in order not to make mistakes and compromise comfort, we must refer to the generally attached instructions. In case of doubts it is always advisable to ask for information where we purchased the mattress before proceeding.

How often to flip and rotate the mattress

As for other aspects concerning mattresses, also in this case there is no precise rule. Where permitted, manufacturers usually recommend turning or flipping the mattress every three months or at least annually.

Generally speaking, we can consider that the more the product is of great quality, the less it needs to be moved to maintain the integrity of the support. Conversely, if the mattress belongs to a very cheap range, it is likely that frequent overturns and rotations are essential to extend its life and maintain satisfactory comfort.

Which mattress to flip?

Regardless of the construction technologies and type of material, a mattress can only be overturned if it has two sides of use indicated in the technical specifications, as is often the case for spring mattresses. Some companies offer models with a winter and a summer side to ensure adequate breathability even at high temperatures.

Other brands offer mattresses with sides of different stiffness to choose according to your needs. If we do not find clear indications on the sides of use, we always ask for information before turning the mattress over.

Spring models usually have two working sides, so inversion provides the advantage of maintaining good support over time. Also for natural latex mattresses, manufacturers generally recommend periodic upside-down and head-toe rotation.

Memory foam mattresses, in 90% of cases, cannot be turned upside down and often not even rotated. The reason lies in the type of design that involves the union of several layers from the bottom up, with different characteristics and specific order in order to ensure optimal comfort.

Overturning the mattress would upset the functioning and compromise the adaptability of the viscoelastic foam. In these products it is however easy to understand which is the service side since they have a different coating both in color and in the padding. Already to the touch a sensation of softness and greater welcome is perceived, in addition a specific label is applied.

How to flip or rotate the mattress

For single models the operation is quite simple and can be done independently without problems. In the presence of a double mattress, especially the overturning could be rather difficult.

Special handles are usually inserted on the side band to facilitate lifting and transport. However, it is an operation that suggest to carry out with the help of another person, in order to proceed with due care and avoid damage and strains to the back.


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