How many springs must a good mattress have?

How did we go from traditional spring mattresses to pocket springs? What are the benefits of pocket springs? How does the comfort change according to the number of springs in the mattress? Are hybrid mattresses a good solution?

From traditional springs to pocket springs

The traditional spring mattress consists of a structure composed of steel springs connected transversely, which ensures a rather rigid support but with little independence to movement.

This means that a pressure exerted in one point is transmitted throughout the mattress, precisely due to the fact that the springs are connected to each other. A problem that compromises the quality of the couple’s rest, especially in the presence of people who move a lot during sleep.

To overcome these drawbacks, the independent pocket spring technology has been devised. The construction technique involves inserting each spring in a special cotton bag. By doing this we obtain greater independence in movements and we avoid that a concentrated pressure in one area involves the entire mattress.

What are the advantages of a pocket spring mattress?

The main benefits that a mattress with independent pocket springs ensures are:

  1. Comfort. The numerous areas with differentiated lift are the guarantee of a high level of welcome and adequate support for the spinal column and the points of greatest pressure;
  2. Convenience. Compared to memory foam and latex mattresses, pocket spring models have very affordable prices and ensure a long service life.
  3. Breathability. The particular internal structure and the spaces between the springs favor the circulation of air and the dissipation of heat and humidity accumulated during the night;

How many springs are needed for a comfortable mattress?

The number of springs affects the stiffness of the mattress and therefore the level of general comfort, therefore it is a factor to be chosen based on personal preferences. In this regard, it should be remembered that pocket spring technology by its very nature offers a support with differentiated lift.

As often happens, there is no reference standard and each company uses different construction methods by inserting a number of springs that also varies significantly. However, we can rely on a general rule according to which the capacity of the mattress to adequately support the spine increases as the number of springs increases.

As a guide, a good quality double mattress is usually made with at least 800 springs. However, it is easy to find products that go as high as 6,000 independent pocket springs. If we are looking for a rather rigid support it is good to choose a mattress that does not exceed 1200 elements, while if we want greater comfort we can opt for models made with more springs.

Pocket spring mattresses with the addition of memory foam

We have seen how a mattress made with an adequate number of springs can ensure good comfort. On the market there are models that significantly increase the reception by combining independent pocket spring technology with the qualities of memory foam.

These are mattresses made with a spring structure to which a layer of heat-sensitive viscoelastic foam is added, these products are called hybrid mattresses. In this way we enjoy the benefits of the support for zones with differentiated lift and at the same time the self-modeling capacity of the memory foam.


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