How many hours do you need to sleep?

Do you want to know how many hours you need to sleep at night? Great, you are in the right article! According to clinical studies, to promote the well-being of the organism and maintain a good state of health, it is necessary to sleep at least seven hours a night.

Be careful, however, because the number of hours to devote to sleep is not the same for everyone, it changes according to particular needs or personal conditions and age.

Seven hours or more a night is what an adult should be. The number of hours to be devoted to rest increases for adolescents and children. From age 13 to 18, you should sleep at least eight to ten hours a night. While from 6 to 12 you should also sleep up to twelve hours.

I guess if you’re here, you haven’t been sleeping too well lately either. Did I guess? Well, if so, don’t worry. We have a lot of tips to help you catch up on lost sleep and improve the quality of your rest, also because sleeping is a far from simple process. To do this right, you need a lot more than just closing your eyelids.

Why sleep is important

Unfortunately, there are several factors that can affect the duration and quality of sleep and the most common are:

  • the normal aging process. Older people are known to sleep less, take longer to fall asleep, and sleep is almost never a steady, restful sleep
  • pregnancy. During pregnancy, sleep is more difficult due to hormonal changes and difficulties in finding a comfortable position in bed
  • insomnia problems and sleep disturbances
  • stress _

Taking care of your well-being is the greatest act of love we can do towards ourselves. Getting enough sleep per night is essential for the body and for this reason it is important to learn to consider the time to devote to rest as a precious and indispensable moment.

I tell you this because the effects of lack of sleep can be harmful if prolonged over time and favor the appearance of many ailments.

Among the most common ailments due to lack of sleep we have:

  • difficulty in concentration and memory
  • irritability and changes in normal mood
  • exhaustion and tiredness during the day
  • premature skin aging
  • weakening of the immune system
  • cardiovascular disorders and hypertension
  • diabetes
  • headache

Unfortunately, these are ailments very often ignored by people, who delude themselves that they can make up for the lack of sleep and consequent daytime fatigue by drinking liters of coffee or energizing drinks with questionable content.

Let me tell you something: their consumption is not a solution to lack of sleep. Indeed, the intake of exciting and nervine drinks can be harmful to the nervous system and make falling asleep even more difficult than it already is. In addition, it can accentuate nocturnal awakenings and have a negative impact on the quality of rest.Sleeping an adequate number of hours a night is anything but a moment of relaxation or a luxury to be allowed once in a while. Sleep is an ally of your well-being and you should never deprive yourself of it.

Interesting and underestimated, then, is the link between sleep and premature aging and highlighted by several clinical studies.

You must know that skin aging – and therefore cellular aging – does not depend only on the passage of time, but also on other factors, external to the organism, called exogenous.

Lack of sleep is among the exogenous factors responsible for premature aging.

Natural remedies for sleeping the right number of hours per night

Nature is a very affectionate mother towards her children and the remedies she provides to promote their well-being are truly numerous.

For example, there are plants called adaptogens with the great ability to increase the organism’s ability to adapt and resist stress, which, as you read at the beginning of the article, is one of the causes of insomnia problems.

In nature there are also plants with a relaxing and sedative action useful in case of sleep problems.

Among the most effective plant extracts to promote the quality of sleep and reduce the time of falling asleep there are those of ValerianEscolziaLuppolo and Lime, present in the form of titrated dry extract (i.e. with a high concentration of plant active ingredient) in the supplement. 100% natural Serena Notte Salugea.

The titrated dry extract is the noblest form of processing of the plant and also the one that allows you to obtain a constant supply and keep the active ingredients of its primary metabolism unaltered, that is, the most effective in the management of annoyances and disorders, because they have a mechanism of action very similar to that exerted by synthetic molecules, although with much fewer undesirable effects.

The plant extracts present in Serena Notte Salugea have a marked calming and sedative action and, for this reason, they can prove very useful in case of difficulty falling asleep and continuous nocturnal awakenings.

The combined action of these extracts, in fact, allows the body to:

  • falling asleep without difficulty
  • promote quality and duration of rest
  • wake up in the morning rested and without the negative effects often associated with the intake of synthetic active ingredients

In short, just what you need too if your desire is to sleep more hours and wake up overflowing with energy.

The techniques and tricks to sleep a sufficient number of hours a night

To be able to sleep an adequate number of hours, in addition to the intake of plant extracts, it is also good to change some aspect of the lifestyle.

It is very common, for example, that people manage to always wake up at the same time, regardless of the hours of sleep they sleep, but that they have many difficulties in going to bed respecting a specific time, thus altering the normal sleep rhythm. wakefulness.

To improve sleep quality, it is important to try to go to sleep at the same time every time, which shouldn’t be later than eleven o’clock. It is also useful to reduce the consumption of exciting drinks and avoid having large meals before bedtime, in order not to weigh down the digestive process and increase the difficulty of falling asleep.

These are very simple tips to follow and at the same time able to give excellent results when followed with commitment and constancy.

I hope this article was helpful and gave you the information you were looking for on how many hours to sleep.


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