Here’s how to sleep when you have neck pain

The cervical at night does not make you sleep? Do you toss and turn in bed looking for a position that can relieve discomfort and there’s nothing you can do? Do you wake up every morning after sleeping with more discomfort than when you went to sleep? In this article we will give you some useful advice to break this vicious circle and we will let you discover how to be able to sleep peacefully and blissfully even with neck discomfort!

What is the cervical and why it bothers every now and then

The cervical is a very complex and delicate anatomical structure. It is made up of seven vertebrae, called cervical vertebrae, indicated with the abbreviations from C1 to C7.

The seven cerebral vertebrae can be further divided into two sections:

  • vertebrae of the upper cervical (C1 to C2)
  • vertebrae of the lower cervical (C3 to C7)

In addition to the vertebrae, the cervical area is also made up of various muscles, tendons and ligaments, whose function is to hold the head firmly and allow a certain degree of movement. The movements that the cervical area makes are: flexion, rotation and extension. People with cervical stiffness have problems extending and rotating their necks.

Now I want to tell you a little curiosity.

The first C1 cervical vertebra is also known as the Atlas. Does this name remind you of anything? It is a reference to the mythological character Atlas, forced by Zeus, the father of the Gods, to bear the weight of the entire celestial vault. A punishment for betraying him and making an alliance with his son Cronus.

A function similar to that performed by Atlas is also done by our C1 vertebra, used to support the weight of the head, which, if you do not know it, is the heaviest part of our body.

In addition to the vertebrae and muscles in the cervical spine there are also several tendons and ligaments.

This is why when we feel pain or discomfort along the cervical area it is not easy to understand the cause (muscle or tendon), or the exact location. It is not unusual, then, that with the passage of time and if not treated, localized neck pain can also radiate to other areas such as shoulders and upper limbs and turn into widespread pain. Those who suffer from neck pain may in fact also complain of a certain difficulty in moving their shoulders.

If it can help you to know: orthopedists and physiatrists are the specialists to turn to for a diagnosis and to evaluate the most suitable treatment to combat neck pain.

Among the most common problems affecting the cervical area we have:

  • feeling of muscle tension
  • dizziness
  • headache
  • stiff neck
  • tinnitus
  • difficulty sleeping (and this is the annoyance that interests us most!)

Now you need to know something, neck pain does not always depend on an underlying trauma or disorder.The neck is an area in which we often and willingly somatize our discomforts

Just a stressful situation to which we adapt badly and in no time at all they are immediately ready to surface pain, stiffness and neck discomfort. Did it happen to you too?

In this article, we will give you some tips to help you find relief from this type of annoyance.

The positions to be adopted to sleep by reducing the feeling of discomfort in the neck

When you suffer from neck discomfort, it is also important to adopt a suitable position to sleep well.

There are, in fact, positions that can accentuate muscle tension and stiffness, such as: sleeping on your stomach or in a fetal position. These are not recommended positions because they force the neck muscles into an unnatural position. Remember that when you suffer from neck pain it is important that you always keep your neck and shoulders well aligned when you sleep.

Much better, when you suffer from neck pain, sleep on your stomach or on your side and support your head with a special pillow. There are specific ones for supporting the cervical area. Have you ever used them before?

At the beginning they are not very comfortable, but it is enough to give the body time to get used to it and it will no longer be possible to do without it!

If you do a job that forces you to PC for many hours and you often have tension in the cervical area, you do some stretching exercises before going to sleep.

Plant extracts to ease mental and cervical tensions

In nature there are several plant extracts with a calming and relaxing action and among these there is the Escolzia, which you find, together with the plant extracts of Valerian, Hops and Linden, in the 100% natural formulation of Serena Notte Salugea. Their synergistic action has been designed and formulated to guarantee the body full support during the night’s rest and to improve the quality of sleep.

But let’s go back to our Escolzia.

Escolzia is a plant belonging to the papaveraceae family and its natural active ingredients are: alkaloidsescolzin and flavonoids which give the plant a strong sedative and anxiolytic action.

It acts on the central nervous system and also on the peripheral one because it relieves muscle spasms. For this reason it can prove to be a valid help in case of problems such as:

  • agitation
  • anxiety
  • stress
  • trouble sleeping
  • disorders of somatic origin
  • muscle tension discomfort

Thanks to the action of this remedy, daily chores will seem lighter and your neck will no longer have to bear their weight.


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