Altered sleep-wake rhythm: here are 3 remedies to go back to sleep

By now you could lose your clock, every night you always wake up at the same time and always too early compared to when you set the alarm. Some evenings, then, even being able to fall asleep and fall asleep seems impossible, you twist and turn restlessly in the sheets hoping in vain to find a comfortable position to sleep, without success.
But how do others sleep 8 hours a night? You can hardly sleep for 5, maximum 6! Could it be due to stress, too much work, or some thought that crowds your mind and doesn’t make you sleep?
Whatever the cause, here are 3 remedies for an altered sleep-wake rhythm that will help you abandon yourself again in the arms of Morpheus:

  • Always go along with the body’s natural rhythms, in the evening, even if you can’t sleep, don’t stay in front of the TV, or worse, in front of your PC, or smartphone, but try to relax in bed in the company of a good book, some music relaxing, or doing meditation exercises with your eyes closed
  • During the day, relax your mind with the plant extracts of Griffonia, Giuggiolo, Melissa and Hawthorn, – which you find in the form of dry extract titrated in the formulation of Relax Mente Salugea – known and used for their relaxingcalming and supportive properties during moments of strong stress, both physical and mental. Coping with the emotional tensions that occur during the day in a calm and relaxed way is without the least the best way to arrive calm and relaxed even in the evening and falling asleep will be easier.
  • Promote sleep and fall asleep with the plant extracts of Valerian, Escolzia, Hop and Linden which, in synergy with each other, as you find in Serena Notte Salugea, decrease the time needed to fall asleep and improve both the quality and duration of sleep

It follows the natural rhythms of the organism

Did you know that our body is equipped with a clock? It is called the biological clock and its task is to mark the circadian rhythm. Hormones move the hands of our biological clock and those that govern the sleep-wake rhythm are melatonin and cortisol. 

Cortisol has the task of making our internal alarm clock sound, while melatonin has the task of communicating to the body that the day is over and we can finally rest. Or at least that’s what they should do!

The pineal gland starts secreting melatonin as soon as evening falls and the retina is no longer stimulated by daylight. If in the evening, after having dinner and giving the body time to digest, we continue to behave as if it were daytime, sending emails, watching streaming movies until after midnight, studying materials for work, or for school, not we do nothing but alter our biological clock and fall into a vicious circle.

The evening is for relaxing and preparing the body for rest. Therefore, starting from 9 in the evening, it is absolutely forbidden to use electronic devices, or to work, or study, except for exceptional reasons of imperative necessity and urgency.

If you are not sleepy, try to relax anyway, perhaps by reading a book, listening to a relaxing piece of music, or doing some simple meditation exercises in bed.

Another tip to support the body’s natural rhythms is to never dine too late in the evening, or eat large meals, so as not to weigh down, or lengthen the digestive process too much.

It is no coincidence that there is an old saying that says: breakfast like a king, lunch like a prince and dinner like a poor man!

Relax your mind with the plant extracts of Griffonia, Giuggiolo, Melissa and Hawthorn

Stressful events can occur in the course of life which, over time, can have a negative impact on both the nervous system and the endocrine system and alter the production of cortisol, also known as the stress hormone.

When cortisol levels remain high, the body, instead of relaxing, remains in a phase of alert and being able to sleep in this condition is really more difficult than climbing a mountain! And that’s why one of the tips you read at the beginning of the article was to promote relaxation during the day with the plant extracts of Griffonia, Giuggiolo, Melissa and Hawthorn. These four plants have always been appreciated and used for their calming, relaxing and supportive properties during periods of strong physical and mental stress.

If until now you have thought that the only way to manage stress was the use of synthetic active ingredients, you will have to change your mind.

These plants in association with each other as you find in Relax Mente Salugea, have the ability to help you overcome emotional tensions and face periods of stress with all the determination and positivity necessary to overcome them and without having the negative effects of many synthetic molecules!

Promote sleep with plant extracts of Valerian, Escolzia, Hop and Linden

If even after having relaxed the mind in the evening sleep does not arrive, the advice is to promote falling asleep thanks to the action of the vegetable extracts of Valerian, Escolzia, Luppolo and Lime.

Why these plants and not melatonin?

Because our body is intelligent and if it begins to receive melatonin from the outside, it will gradually begin to secrete less and less.

And then, a large part of a decrease in the endogenous production of melatonin depends on our wrong habits, such as that of spending part of the night hours in front of light sources (TV, PC, Tablet) that deceive the brain about the time and they delude that it is still daytime. To start producing more, just start respecting the physiological rhythms of the body and go to bed at 11pm.

The plant extracts I told you about, on the other hand, boast relaxing and sleep-promoting properties in a natural way and without giving signs of lightheadedness in the morning, or mental confusion as given by drugs for sleeping.

Eco because they can help you overcome this period of altered sleep-wake rhythm in an effective and natural way!

As you can see the things to do in case of alterations in the sleep-wake rhythm, they are really very simple, now it’s up to you to put them into practice and recover the lost sleep!


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