Duvet or quilt: what to choose?

What is the quilt?

The quilt is basically a blanket and is made up of 4 layers of fabric. Starting from the outermost one we find: 

  1. External decorative fabric, generally in polyester, jacquard or cotton;
  2. Technical fabric that has the function of containing the “interlining” padding;
  3. Padding in synthetic materials, such as hypoallergenic polyester;
  4. Additional layer of “interlining” to complete the inner cushion.

These 4 layers of fabric, 3 of which are generally synthetic, make the product heavy, not warm and uncomfortable. 

These 4 levels of fabric, combined with a non-precious padding, create a product that has no breathable power: for this reason, under the quilt you often risk sweating and sleeping hot.

And the duvet?

The duvet, or duvet if you prefer, is made in a completely different way than the classic quilts. In fact, this product does not require interlinings but only two outer layers of cotton. 

From this difference in manufacturing, the result is a lighter and more comfortable product, but above all breathable, which allows us to maintain the perfect climate for our rest. Even the sewing systems are qualitatively superior to those of the quilt: the duvet, having only two layers, can usually be built in coffered or fixed squares, techniques that do not involve seams that crush the feather. In addition, thanks to the duvet cover that is changed regularly, it is easier to maintain a correct level of hygiene

In general, therefore, the quilt does not offer the typical comforts of feather products. The duvet, if of excellent quality, on the other hand guarantees a transpiring thermal insulation that no other sleeping system can provide. The quilts, then, have a more classic and traditional look, they are longer and must be used with the sheets, while the duvets are shorter and are inspired by a modern and essential design, typical of the tradition of the Nordic world from which they come.

Ultimately, is the quilt or duvet better?

For many it is a personal choice. We would like to recommend duvets for reasons of practicality, hygiene and warmth.  

The duvet is certainly more practical and can be washed and changed more frequently. In addition, the thermal insulation that a duvet offers is unparalleled. In addition to the classic goose down duvets, synthetic duvets, animal friendly, very warm, cheaper and easier to clean are now available and much appreciated.  

But be careful to choose a good duvet among the multitude of products that exist on the market! They are not all the same and it is necessary to consider: 

  • weight; 
  • heat points; 
  • outer fabric; 
  • origin;
  • composition (what type of plumage is used): the down with a high percentage of down, that is the part coming from the undercoat of the goose (not feathers) is the best.

The raw materials used for the creation of our duvets are therefore characterized by very high quality and, last but not least, ethical standards: the feather used derives from the brushing of the geese’s plumage during their natural moulting and therefore is the result of full respect for animal that does not suffer any kind of mistreatment.