Earthing: the benefits of connecting with the earth

Earthing consists of walking barefoot on the earth and returning to the original state of man. Their regular practice is believed to help promote wellness. We invite you to learn more about it.

In life there are few pleasures, as simple and exalted at the same time, as those provided by earthing . Few people could deny how pleasant it is to walk barefoot in the sand on the beach, or feel the brush of wet grass in the morning.

These pleasant experiences often have little or no cost, but their benefits are enormous. Earthing means connecting with the earth , and not only involves activating the nerve endings of the soles of our feet, but it is a practice that can work to heal our soul.

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What is earthing ?

Earthing is a practice that proposes to increase the connection with nature to promote well-being.

The word earthing comes from the English earth , which means ´planeta´ or ´earth´, and it is considered as ´earthing connection´. This practice is also called ´grounding´ , which comes from ground , ´soil´, but both terms refer to the same thing.

The practice of earthing is to make the body contact the earth and the electrical energy that emanates from it. Some studies argue that this practice of contact with the earth could bring benefits for physical health, as well as for mood.

Those who are followers of this practice maintain that the human being in his origins remained connected to the earth thanks to the fact that he walked barefoot at all times, but with modernity he has lost contact.

According to earthing advocates , modernity has isolated us from this ancient connectivity with footwear, carpets and the use of other insulating materials, so we would be in a state of total disconnection.

The research on this subject added that those who have reconnected with the land have significantly improved their physical function. Also, there is talk of a possible decrease in tiredness, fatigue, pain and depression.

Those who practice earthing argue that they feel less muscle tension and spiritual calm as a result of returning to the health that mother earth provides.

Taking off your shoes and reconnecting with the earth allows nature’s electrical connections to work in the body. This belief has made this trend gain more and more followers in the world of health.

The promoter of this idea was the therapist Clint Ober who stated that, after 30 minutes with bare feet, the electrical charges of the body are balanced and this positively impacts health.

Benefits of earthing

This practice is attributed some benefits that have not been proven by science. However, its practice is safe and can contribute to well-being.

The practice of earthing is attributed a variety of benefits that, to date, have not been sufficiently investigated. Therefore, it should be borne in mind that they come from anecdotal data and studies that still need to be supported with more evidence. The most prominent are:

  • Deinflammation : Contact with the earth is said to reduce inflammation and damage to some cells.
  • Antioxidant: earthing practitioners claim that the connection to the earth’s electrical energy may have antioxidant potential, although there is no proof of this.
  • Relaxing effects: it can help reduce anxiety , as it promotes calm and balance of the nervous system.
  • Helps to feel energetic: returning to the original connection of life contributes to the person feeling with more energy and vitality.
  • Synchronization: of the body with the day and night time, allowing the person to rest during the night and feel good the next day.
  • Free from stress: because the person disconnects for a moment from the burdens of everyday life and returns to the original meaning of his life.

How to do earthing ?

Those who want to join this trend, or test whether its effects are true, just follow these guidelines, which are very simple, since the connection between man and land is original and does not require great effort :

  • Walking barefoot : whenever possible. This can be done on the ground, grass or sand, because it allows the energy points on the soles of the feet to activate.
  • Contact with water: because it also helps to channel energy. For this, it is advisable to wash your hands frequently, practice swimming , showering, among others. For earthing fans, water also works as a conductor.
  • Connect the bed to an earth connection: some people do this, using cloth, a cable, and metal wires to connect the bed to the earth connection, rest well and wake up with energy.
  • In addition to these directions, some people use special mats to place their feet on while working.

Those who practice earthing advocate for its supposed health benefits. It is a practice that, far from being harmful, could contribute to the general well-being, although there is a lack of evidence to prove it.

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