10 Ways to Disconnect from Smartphone and Enjoy your Life

The use of mobile phones can be harmful to health if it becomes an addiction. For this reason, in this space we give you 10 keys to disconnect from your mobile and increase well-being.

These 10 keys to disconnect from your mobile will be very useful if you plan to go on vacation or just feel that you can no longer cope with stress. It is no coincidence that so many people, thinking about their mental and emotional health, have decided to start “detoxifying” from so much technology, at least for a couple of hours.

The truth is that the use of mobile phones can be so absorbing that it is capable of taking away any minute of calm, while so many notifications come from social networks or work emails. Even the working hours culminate, but the mobile continues to send alerts and take away time from leisure or sharing with other people.

Based on this, studies have emphasized that the use of mobile phones, and a large part of technological devices, end up becoming an obsessive routine that includes a compulsive ritual of checking every minute. Let’s see what we can do to counter this.

Why disconnect from the mobile?

The large amount of information that technology provides imposes new challenges to manage it and that this does not imply a health risk. The new behaviors that arise from the use of technology are not always healthy.

The research in the field realize this, because as technologies appear new terms are improved. For example, nomophobia –or irrational fear of leaving home without a mobile phone-, which generates anxiety in those who suffer from it.

Also, there is a constant need to want to know what contacts do, which is known as FOMO , due to its etymological origin in English, fear of missing out.

Therefore, despite the advantages of the devices, it is often necessary to learn to disconnect. Next, we will share 10 keys to disconnect from the mobile that will help you lead a stress-free life  once you apply them.

10 Ways to disconnect from the mobile

1. Only have your most useful applications

Such as the calendar, for example, and eliminate those that only steal your energy among so many notifications. To select which application to leave or remove, think coldly about the use you give each of them.

2. Share the challenge with someone else

It can be your partner. If you have someone by your side, you may feel more motivated. Thus, instead of being attentive to the mobile, they can plan outings together, or practice recreational activities .

An idea that helps a lot is to apply the rule that when they are sharing away from home, mobiles should remain silent . In this way, they will be able to enjoy moments at least at the same time that they manage to reinforce the relationship.

Also, being aware of notifications all the time tends to cause concern and make us miss interesting things that happen in everyday life.

3. Avoid syncing accounts

Establish a schedule. When you have your work email accounts synchronized, it is more difficult for you to disconnect, since a client will always leave at the last moment or something to attend.

Guide yourself by a schedule and when you leave the office, leave everything work behind, until the next day. This will also allow you to enjoy more hours of rest.

4. Put the phone aside

You don’t need to have it on the table when you go out for dinner, nor do you need to take it with you everywhere on the go. Let go and enjoy the food, take a reading , drink a cup of tea and dedicate yourself only to yourself.

Keep in mind that if something urgent arises, you will know anyway , because in this century we are never completely isolated.

5. Set a time for mobile use

Obviously, you will always have something pending to solve or to review, but take a moment for the mobile and then release it. Thus, as we know that we must rest for several hours , we can also dedicate a specific moment to the use of the mobile, review and then join other activities.

6. Silence it

If the phone doesn’t vibrate or make sounds, you can be distracted by other activities and be fully present. Your mind will be concentrated there, thinking of nothing else. Bet on this option sometimes, especially at bedtime.

7. Look for a traditional watch

Avoid using your mobile as an alarm clock. This will allow you to wake up and stay a few minutes in bed, if you wish, completely relaxed, without feeling the burden of all pending notifications.

8. Do something different

Learn a language, write a book, paint a picture or dedicate yourself to what you always dreamed of. To achieve this, you must detach yourself for a moment from the phone. Some people can spend hours of their lives sharing jokes or news, and this is a vital time that they could spend on other things that they are passionate about.

9. Put it in airplane mode

This is a good option while doing a sport or doing something else. When you’re done, you can remove airplane mode and check everything.

10. Turn it off

If despite everything you find it difficult to disconnect from the mobile, simply turn it off and reflect on the use you make of the device.


If after applying these 10 keys to disconnect from your mobile, you feel that you can not, then, perhaps, it is time to ask for support from a psychologist , since you may be suffering from an addiction .

Among all things, the most important thing is to stay calm.  At first, you may find it difficult to disconnect from your mobile, but then, little by little, you will realize that you can live without it.

Practice mindfulness or yoga so you can attract stillness to your life. Remember that the most important thing is to be at peace yourself.

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