Tips to make your Apartment Look Bigger

Do you want to achieve a feeling of spaciousness in your home without having to make a large investment? The decoration, furniture, lighting and the choice of colors are key to trick the eye and help you give the impression of more space. If you prefer, there are also small reforms that, without the need to invest a lot of money, can help make your house seem more spacious and bright than it really is.

Lack of space is one of the most common problems of urban flats in the 21st century, especially if they are new construction. 

If you want your house to be revalued in order to be able to sell it or, on the contrary, what you want is to improve the well-being of your day-to-day life, there are various formulas to give the impression that we have more space.

“Contrary to what one might think, they are not complex tricks, and in many cases they do not require a large investment. It is only a matter of being clear about the different tools that can help us and putting them into practice”,

Next, we offer you a list of simple ideas to be able to enjoy a house that seems much larger despite the fact that the meters remain the same. Take (good) note!

Mirrors – the bigger the better

One of the most used tools for its good results is the use of mirrors in decoration. But the important thing is that the mirror is large, very large. Even, if it can be integrated into a whole wall,

Reflection lighting

It is well known that lighting serves to enhance, hide and, also, enlarge spaces. “Something that helps a lot is to place light points on the ceiling at a close distance to the walls in order to illuminate them. This lighting by reflection causes a visual effect that makes spaces appear larger than they really are

Paint the walls white

It is proven that the white color on the walls brings light and visually increases the environments, however small they may be. “For the points of light to provide that reflection that we seek with lighting, it is important that the tones of the walls are clear, preferably white.”

Few furniture, but “maxi” size

When we have a few square meters, we tend to think that it is best to choose small furniture . However, nothing could be further from the truth. Contrary to what many may believe, although it may seem inconsistent in small spaces, it improves the feeling of spaciousness having few large pieces of furniture than many small ones. The reason is very simple: the brain is sensitive to any type of distraction, so the more furniture it perceives, even if it is small, the greater the feeling of lack of space.

Light curtains

In order to make the most of natural light, the ideal thing is that the curtains or blinds that you choose to cover the windows are of light textures. The objective is that, in addition to highlighting the lighting, they do not create the visual sensation of heaviness and robustness. This maxim is applicable to both the living room, the dining room and the other rooms. It is essential that you avoid dark and opaque options.

Large squares

The decoration of the walls also plays a very important role in this type of small floor. Although it may also seem contradictory, one large painting instead of many small ones will make the room seem larger than it is. Choose one that you really like and make it the central axis of the decoration of that room. The same goes for rugs. The larger they are, the longer the room will seem.

If you have a little more budget, there are other effective options for which it is necessary to undertake a small reform. These are:

Incorporate the terrace:

  • A very widespread solution to have more space is to join the terrace to the living room. Experts recommend opting for white or light-colored enclosures to increase the sense of depth. The same can be said of the clothesline, a space that you can join the kitchen and thus take advantage of a place that was previously underused.

Sliding doors

  • The perception of continuity between spaces will make you gain a feeling of spaciousness. Therefore, another effective formula is to install sliding doors when the space we have is limited. If you choose the same color as the wall, much better since the space impression will be greater. In addition, when we keep them open, it will help us create more open spaces.

Goodbye, walls

  • Unifying spaces by demolishing internal partitions is another of the small reforms most used for this purpose. Why? On the one hand, it increases the feeling of spaciousness of the space since the light reaches all corners of the house and, on the other, it increases the perspective, which helps our home feel more clear. If you do not want to merge rooms, another solution is to replace the brick walls with glass ones. The sensation that seeing through these partitions offers us provides the visual lightness we seek.

Change your floors for light coloured ones

  • As in the walls, the floors with light colors deceive the eye and makes us feel more spacious in the same square meters. If you opt for ceramic floors, choose soft tones and if what you want is parquet  , we recommend that the slats be long and as light as possible.
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