How to Prepare for Selling your House

Starting the process of selling a home can seem like a challenging process, since you never know how long it will be until the ideal buyer arrives to inhabit it. However, it doesn’t always have to be tedious or complex.

If you’re about to put your home up for sale and don’t know what to do to speed up the process, The Home Depot experts share a couple of tips to help you get there. So take note and get to work!

Prepare your house

One of the most important factors in selling your home is appearance. The state of the property has a lot of weight in the final decision of the buyer, for something they say that love is born from sight. So you should start by checking where you need to do some repairs.

  • Check the walls: the walls can be telltale about the conditions of the house. If you need to patch , paint or even apply waterproofing , now is the time. In addition, you can take the opportunity to use color palettes that are in trend to give a modern touch to the house.
  • Take care of the bathrooms: The bathroom is one of the places where the passage of time is most noticeable. Due to humidity, it is common for the ceramic of the toilet or sink to lose its original color a little. In this case, you can change the sink for a more modern one and change the floors for light and smooth tones to create an environment that radiates freshness
  • Cleaning: Make sure to broom the deepest corners of your home. A clean house will give the impression of care. For the day you receive potential buyers you can rely on flavorings that give your home more freshness.
  • Arrange furniture: Make a rearrangement of your furniture in such a way that the space is optimized. You can play with them to create the illusion of spaciousness and also to give future locals an idea of ​​what their home might look like if they decide to buy it.
  • Sell ​​a functional house: Check that everything works. Earn the trust of buyers and show them a house where the windows, doors, air conditioning and the rest of the real estate work. Oil what needs to be oiled and renew what needs to be renewed.

Know the value of your house

The value is defined by the market, not the estimates that they can tell you or that you can make. You can request an appraisal that will tell you what the fair price of your home is. Although appearance is not the only factor to consider, taking care of the details will surely add points to the final price.

Get the documents ready

Prepare the necessary documents to sell your house, such as the property registry, the simple note and documents proving that you are free of taxes and debts.

Establish a sales plan

What strategy will you use to sell your house? Where will it be announced? Hanging a “FOR SALE” sign outside your home can only reach a limited number of people. 

Follow these recommendations and don’t panic if you didn’t fix everything in one weekend. Remember that the arrangements that you apply in your home, beyond being another expense, will be an investment and will make your sales process much easier and faster.

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