Gifts Ideas and Toys for 1 Year Olds

So what to give a 1-year-old as a gift ? After reading our recommendations, you will see that finding the gift for a perfect one-year-old is not so complicated. At this stage, children love to explore the world, the shapes and the materials, the objects that enter one inside the other, those that can join and separate.

Also at this stage they begin to discover language, words and rhymes (for this reason, children’s rhymes are a classic that is passed from generation to generation).

Below you’ll find the best selection of one-year-old baby gifts. 

Therefore, the general rule of thumb for choosing suitable gifts for a 1 year old is to buy an “open” toy. What does this mean? It means that children should play by experimenting themselves, they should not be toys whose play is directed or with fixed rules. 

Gift Ideas for One Year Olds

So what to give a one-year-old as a gift ? Here is our selection of toys “to grow”, all of them ideal for this age. 

1. Nestable pieces

This toy is one of the fundamentals in the list of gifts for the first year . The colored wooden pieces must be inserted in the corresponding holes. There are thousands of versions, but this practical 1-year-old baby gift never goes out of style. Thanks to this object, the child practices eye-hand coordination and intuitively learns the association of pieces with similar characteristics. 

2. Stackable cubes

It is the open game par excellence, since it offers infinite possibilities of exploration for children. Blocks can be thrown, packed into a large cube, color-matched, even built towers. In short, cubes grow with children! Among one-year-old children’s gifts, this is a sure hit.

3. Musical instruments

The pleasure of discovering new sounds and eye-hand coordination are the two main advantages of giving a child a musical instrument. But not only this, one-year-old children learn the cause-effect relationship. Every time the little one hits the xylophone with the hammer (cause), it makes a sound (effect). 

4. Drag toys 

This is a very practical gift for a baby who is turning one year old . The main reason is that at this age, it is when the child begins to walk. If the toy they pull is also in the shape of an animal, it can become their inseparable companion for walks.   

5. Push cart

As with the previous toy, with this gift you will give the child the opportunity to walk. You will see, he will love to walk around the house pushing the cart, imitating mom and dad with the stroller. 

6. Bath toys

Looking for original one-year-old children’s gifts ? With bath toys you are not wrong. Little ones love to stay in the bathroom to play. Even parents can take a break and enjoy watching their children play in the tub. We give you some safety tips: avoid objects that can sink, they should always float. 

7. The ball

The most classic of a year’s gifts for children, also the simplest and most exciting for them. The ball offers endless possibilities for your cognitive and psychomotor development. The baby can throw it, chase it, catch it, bite it, sit on it, hide it … 

8. Children’s ring tower 

At first, the child will only fit the rings. Later, you will be able to differentiate the sizes of the rings and even order them according to their size. 

9. Touch books

For babies who discover the world, the colors, the sounds, the materials, the different sensations, children’s touch books are a universe in which to lose themselves. It is also a good way to start the story reading routine with mom or dad. It is the best habit for the little ones: reading stories to go to bed.